I just reinstalled in anticipation for the update and I found it impossible to set my mouse sensitivities because the distance the crosshair moved kept changing even though the distance my physical mouse was moving was the constant width of my mouse mat. Mouse acceleration and smoothing are definitely switched off. Things like mouse accuracy in a shooter are absolutely fundamental and I have uninstalled again, it's not acceptable in a modern shooter like this.

Overall I am extremely disappointed in Sandstorm, it is clearly at an Early Access stage of development but was not released as such. I originally uninstalled because the match making system and game rounds meant the majority of casual games were over in a couple of minutes because one would be joining games that were already underway, and because it kicks you back out to match making this would happen again and again. There is a good game in Sandstorm waiting to get out, but it is nowhere near finished and to be honest I would take a refund if I could get one.