Starting weapon mag amount for Non-chest carrier

sigh I'm not satisfied with the starting weapon mag amount.

If I were to choose to have a non-chest carrier, I would carry at least two plus the one mag loaded in the Assault rifle/SMG. Where as if I were to carry a sidearm, now I could carry ONE mag plus an additional mag in the pistol (in the stable branch, I could carry two mags).

Could you kindly add at least one mag for both the Assualt Rifle/SMG and sidearm?

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..... I don't actually understand what you mean 😞 You mean without carrier you only get 2+1 mags and 1+1 pistol mags? its been like that since first insurgency. just equip light carrier it doesn't weigh that much. What I'm not satisfied is we only get 1 extra pistol mag with every carrier Its should be the same with primary weapon.

In coop at least, you start with 3 mags, don't remember off the bat what the no-carrier count was for them in versus.

3 seems fine for no carrier, though I wish they added an option to equip more pistol mags when you have a carrier, and for that matter using the "grenade/explosive"-slots to equip a 40mm belt for more 40mm ammo, be it explosive or smoke

In DoI/Insurgency, you would start out with 3 mags on your primary loadout, plus one additional mag on the primary weapon for non-chest carrier. It sandstorm, you actually start out with two mag in your inventory instead of just three.

Just to avoid confusion. I'll put together a proper chart of what it would look like in Original Insurgency and how it compares to Sandstorm when using the primary weapon for Assult Rifle/SMG.


  • Non-chest carrier: 3 mags

  • Light chest carrier: 5 mags

  • Heavy chest carrier: 6 mags

But in sandstorm, the amount of mag in your inventory (in PvP):

  • Non-chest carrier: 2 mags

  • Light chest carrier: 5 mags

  • Heavy chest carrier: 7 mags

One thing you need to take into consideration that the sidearm can only carry one mag in your inventory for non-chest carrier in the CBA branch:

  • Non-chest carrier: 1 mags

  • Light chest carrier: 2 mags

  • Heavy chest carrier: 4 mags

Perhaps I'll post a couple snapshots in-game just to avoid confusion.

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Staring mag inventory in DoI:


The staring mag in Sandstorm:


@ldclaudius said in Starting weapon mag amount for Non-chest carrier:

Where as if I were to carry a sidearm, now I could carry ONE mag plus an additional mag in the pistol (in the stable branch, I could carry two mags).

Actually, no. Mag count hasn't changed at all. It's always been 3/5/7 primary weapons mags for No/Light/Heavy Carrier, and 2/3/4 pistol mags for No/Light/Heavy Carrier.

I think primary weapon mag count is fine, but the pistol mags are extremely lackluster. They also further buff Security pistols over Insurgent pistols now that the Glock 17 with the 31-round mag is back. A Security with a Glock 17 /w Ext Mag and no ammo rig gets more ammo than an Insurgent with an M9 /w Ext mags with a Light Carrier or an M9 without extended mags and a Heavy Carrier.

For reference, in Ins2014 you get a total of 4/6/7 primary weapon mags with Nothing/Chest Rig/Chest Carrier, and 3/5/7 secondary weapon mags for Nothing/Chest Rig/Chest Carrier. Four mags for your primary weapon in Sandstorm would pretty nice, honestly. I wouldn't feel like I have to waste 20-25% of my weight capacity on an ammo rig.

You definitely need to get way more pistol mags, though, or at least add in some kind of ammo pouch attachment (that possibly uses the same slot the Gas Mask does) that allows the user to get more mags for their sidearm, for us John Wick players.

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