Changing Camo Patterns

I'm seeing some really wacky changing of what camo pattern is equipped on my Security character. Sometimes it'll show Woodland, other times my selected camo. Sometimes it'll be split, with the top and bottom different patterns. Even just switching between security and insurgents in the customization menu will make it change.

Going from the legit game to the CTE, or vice versa, will cause some glitches in camouflage. I HAVE however seen some texture glitches on camouflage when approaching from distance. Rendering seems to have been fucked with, and tbh, it causes my game to run even worse than before. I get realllly bad stuttering when walking through door ways. It's like the game decides to render the room right as im walking into it.

I think the camo problem happens when you have equipped torso or legs which became locked again. The game reverts to the default ones and instead of selecting the right camo it's randomized from the ones you have unlocked. Selecting your torso and legs again and using only new presets should fix it.

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I'm not seeing this just switching between CTE and normal, nor am I swapping equipped camos at all. Without making any adjustments to cosmetics at all, the camo pattern changes randomly between my equipped camo and Woodland.