[Bug] [1440p Video] Black scope + Scope glitch

Evening everyone,

This bug was found using the 2x Red Dot scope on the MP5. It's a bit hard to describe what's happening here so please see the attached video recorded by myself.

Youtube Video

Thought this might be helpful.

I'm experiencing the exact same bug with any optics with magnification greater than x1. As if the optics barrel effect is fixed in one general direction and level. If you happen to see the optic barrel, then pivot or move up/down, the barrel effect is stationary in relation to the map, move far enough (not much) and you'll only see black.

Scope setting is on normal.

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This definitely has to be fixed before patch release.

Yup, seeing the same thing with magnified optics.

I've found swapping to my sidearm and back a few times generally makes it stop.