[Bug/Glitch] Sensitivity Stutter

Youtube Video

This is the description for the video:

I believe this has been in the game since the beta released last year, but nobody that I have asked about it seems to be affected by it like I am. In the video I am moving my mouse from left to right at a near constant rate of speed. You will notice that it appears that I am stopping or stuttering shortly after looking the opposite direction of which I have just looked. However I can assure you that I am doing my best to move the mouse at a consistent locked rate of speed across my mouse pad. I believe that this "sensitivity stutter" is occurring when the animation of the rifle is momentarily switching positions in the characters hands to favor the left or the right side, depending on which direction you are looking. I often use a sniper and I have found it extremely difficult to make small/accurate corrections in my aim when I am in hip-fire due to this sudden drop of sensitivity when switching directions. I am not sure if this was intended to add some strange sort of realism or if this is something that I alone am experiencing. Please let me know in the comments if you can duplicate this stutter in your own game.

My DPI is 1000 and my in-game sensitivity is 0.2

I have the exact problem.

My DPI is 800, polling rate 125 and in-game is 0.15.
I've tried different DPI's, polling rates and in-game sensitivities, no difference, same problem.