Gun Range Feedback

Feedback for the new gun range can be posted here I guess.

I will make the start with two suggestions.

1. Equipment Point Modifier
Allow us to set the equipment points you can use two three basic modifiers. COOP, Versus and Competitive. That would allow people to create and also test out loadouts for these game modes in a better way.

2. AI Behavior Control
Allow us to set the AI to "passive" or something like that. This would be helpful if you want to test shooting the AI with something, without having to worry about it shooting yourself.

Gun-range just keeps crashing the game for me after a short amount of time, so limited what can be said about it lol

I've noticed that the only cause of gun range crashing is hitting too many destructibles at once or dropping too many shells at once. I'm up to 4 crashes with that method so far.

I think the gun range crashes are linked to the reacting targets like bottles and fruits, but mainly the flip hangers. Shoot to many of those and I crash, it's been consistent across the 5 times I've crashed.

Main Problem :
Crashes, especially when using M240B

Feedback :

  • Like OP said, Equipment Point Modifier and AI control (both for enemy bots and helicopter)
  • Need a 'field' range, someplace wide and far and some targets (both practice target and enemy target) at exact distance for practice (e.g. target at 10m, 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m and so on) to test the best effective range for every weapon
  • Targets behind covers (walls, wood, metal doors, and combination of them/multiple covers) to test bullet penetration, also at certain distance
  • with targets at certain distance, please add some kind of sound to confirm whether the bullet hit the target or missed
  • last but not least; make a practice test with scores and timing, like training mode from csgo (its optional though, sandstorm already has tutorial mode)
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