CTE Feedback: Key bindings for leaning broken

For first-person shooters, I use a second keyboard below my desk to lean in-game. I press F1 and F8 with my toes. Anyway, this worked fine before but in the CTE, leaning left works (with F8) but leaning right doesn't (with F1). I'm guessing this might have something to do with F1 opening the feedback forums? Anyway, It would be nice if this got fixed because I'm so used to it.

wait.. so you have a keyboard on the floor and you use your toes for leaning?
color me impressed....

@snakelegionnaire Ya, I originally got some shitty footpedals from amazon that didn't even work. I had to return it and now I just use a keyboard.

If you are using another regular keyboard, can´t you just use other keys for lean left and right ?
Just remove the unneeded keys out of the keyboard to not unintentionally press the wrong keys with your toes.

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😂🤣 Sorry that’s just friggen hilarious man. Hey what ever floats your boat!

honestly curious to see some toe leaning gameplay