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Hi everyone,

We have just rolled out a new Community Testing Environment, or CTE! All Insurgency: Sandstorm owners should now see a new app called the “Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Testing Environment” showing up in their Steam libraries - you only need to download this if you want to be part of our testing.

What is the CTE?

The CTE is where we test bug fixes, upcoming content, and new features. Please be aware that this is a developer test build of the game and you may encounter unexpected bugs or issues. Content shown in the CTE is not final and may or may not be implemented into the public version.

When will the CTE be available?

The CTE app should be showing up in your Steam library, however, you will only be able to access the build once the CTE opens at 4pm CET on Friday the 22nd of February, trying to access the CTE before this time will result in the following error.

The CTE will close at the end of the testing phase, for this initial test we will take down the matchmaking servers on Monday morning European time, however, the CTE will be used for testing all future patches/updates, please see our blog or social media closer to time time for details of future tests.

Can I record / stream / discuss the CTE?

There are no restrictions on recording, streaming, or discussing the CTE, however, it’s important to disclose that any footage or feedback is from the testing environment. We will set up dedicated sections of the official forums and Steam discussions at the opening of the CTE.

What is new on the CTE?

When the CTE opens you will be able to preview many of the features of the upcoming February update, some of the highlights can be found below.

  • General

    • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.21
    • Fixed jittering of character movement
    • Improved normal scopes to reduce issues with parts of the weapon disappearing
    • Various performance improvements
  • Content

    • New “Arcade” mode: Team Deathmatch
      • Arcade modes will be cycled out regularly for new modes, but all will always be available on community servers.
    • New Weapons
      • MP5A5
      • MP5A2
      • M240B
      • MG3
      • PF940
    • New “Range” map under Tutorials from the Main Menu where you can test all weapons, upgrades, and equipment in-game against targets or live enemies.
  • Characters

    • Reduced size of Security Heavy Carrier backpack
    • New Cosmetics
      • Security
        • Knuckles Fingerless Hands
        • Combat Goggles Eyewear
        • Tropentarn Camouflage
        • Various tattoos
      • Insurgents
        • Aviator Eyewear
        • One Hole Skull Mask Facewear
        • Two Hole Skull Mask Facewear
        • Various tattoos
  • Gameplay

    • Improved flashbangs to slow down player movement and look speed of those affected
    • Weapons will “pull back” further when obstructed instead of pointing down when close to an object
    • Weapon balance changes including:
      • Increased weight of FAL, G3A3, and Mk 14 EBR
      • Lowered Uzi’s supply cost to 2 in Versus/Coop
      • Lowered Uzi’s supply cost to 4 in Competitive
      • Increased MP7’s Extended Magazine supply cost to 4 in Versus/Coop
      • Increased MP7’s Extended Magazine supply cost to 5 in Competitive
      • Decreased recoil on M249 and PKM
      • Removed AP rounds from M249
      • Increased time to Aim Down Sights for machine guns
    • Fire Support changes including:
      • Set specific Fire Support call in amounts and availability by game mode or “role” (ie Attackers, Defenders)
      • Added Fire Support call in specific cooldowns
      • Increased Fire Support personal cooldown
      • Increased Fire Support cooldowns at start of the round in Versus
      • Removed Gunship from Versus
      • Widened viewing radius of Support Helicopter so door gunners can shoot to the helicopter’s rear
      • Reduced viewing radius of Gunship so it cannot shoot targets at its rear
      • Reduced pilot visibility angle for incoming rockets so helicopters are less likely to dodge
  • Coop

    • Bots now use all weapons, ammo carriers, armor, and explosives available to their class rather than a set Loadout.
    • LGMS (Laser Guided Molotov System™) removed from Molotovs. Bots are now less accurate the further they are from their target when using all thrown explosives.
    • Fixed bots not ignoring targets in spawn zones correctly.
  • Competitive

    • Tiebreaker
      • If a match ends in a tie, a team will need to get a two-point lead over the other team with a faction switch every round.
    • Leaver penalty which prevents players who leave Competitive matches early from immediately requeueing
      • This is not active in the CTE, but will be in the upcoming update.
    • Improved matchmaking to find better matches with players closer to your skill level
    • Added Security optics to Insurgent classes and vice versa
  • User Experience

    • Added connectivity issue icon on HUD
    • Made Tactical map show restricted areas
    • Faded out items which can’t be purchased with Supply Points
    • Added info buttons for Supply Points and Weight
    • Added clearer indication of when a team’s reinforcement wave counter increases or decreases
    • Added clearer indication of when a round goes into overtime
    • Added clearer indication of when reloading or a magazine is missing from the weapon
    • Hid player’s name when using VOIP
    • Added average match length and player count of each game mode in Match Preferences
    • Added vote kick for community servers
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