most hated detail

just my opinion, but as I way too often get killed by this, I absolutely hate and already thought about quitting for good is:

invisible hostiles or the ones suddenly dropping from/through the ceiling when you enter a room
absolute impossibility to do any change on resupply because it will get you killed more often than not
and, last but not least, the enemy spawn in the recently captured/cleaned area.

I´m not even talking about when the capture leads to "secure" without counter-attack, but when you fended off every single hostile and you just re-supplied and put your gas mask on there he pops up out of thin air - the mysterious suicide bomber or shotgun specialist from behind and leaves you dead for the entire round.
While I cannot change it I always leave the match instantly because it drives me mad...
Anyone feeling the same? Having other hate issues? Comment below, please 😉

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If this is coop which I am assuming it is. It isnt that they spawn really (although it can and does happen, but not often). But more often they are already there and the team did a poor job of clearing the area before moving off to the next objective. Iv seen it so much and it has happened to me as well. Im not a huge fan of it but it happens. Its up to the players to make sure the area is safe before moving on.

When there are enough players spawning together it usually isn't an issue, just don't be the first one to sprint. If there are very few players spawning and you have a weapon that takes a long time to setup (like an SVD which goes through the entire reload animation when you spawn), RIP.

What I find more annoying is defending points out in the open as insurgents (co-op) and a chopper comes in (Insurgent Summit Point A comes to mind, and that one often has a technical spawn as well). is related.

When playing with high-speed-low-drag ultra-operators this can generally be blamed on them not bothering to clear the path but I've seen this happen also when people are being careful and trusting that slow-is-smooth-smooth-is-fast is better approach.

Youtube Video

Another bot at spawn (precinct, playing as insurgents)

I have had bots pop into existence on top of me, on a cleared point, and instantly kill me.

If it was a penalty for not clearing (i.e. bots spawn anywhere in the navmesh that hasn't at least been peeked by a player) then it would be OK.

Having bots drop out of the aether and instant kill me on a point that has zero enemies left is shit.