Necrons need proper carriers and strike craft

Currently Necron strike craft are more like particularly useless ordinance than actual strike craft. They're pretty much use and throw, since they can't do anything about turrets and can't really act like actual bombers (thus becoming easy prey for ships and fighters alike).

This makes these strike craft a burden rather than an asset for Necron ships, since what they do is essentially increase the price of the ship while providing little in the way of any sort of tangible benefit for that price increase.

I would like to suggest that instead of this awkward fighter bomber, scythes be turned into proper fighters, and the Necrons be given their full compliment of Fighters, Bombers and Transports (Doom Scythes, Night Shrouds and Night Scythes respectively). These strike craft could then be shifted to a proper carrier ship instead of inflating the cost of other line ships.

There's also the option of adding in Tomb Blades as a troops transfer/strike option for normal Necron line ships, since those are explicitly mentioned as being fast and being primarily used for void fighter duty.

Overall; it's a pity that the Necrons, who have varied and powerful options for strike craft, are so lacking in them in game and that the strike craft they do have are more a liability than an asset.

Doom scythe gives you free scouting for every ship line of your fleet on a 90s(? or 60? don t remember the value) CD. It is already very useful.

@cool_lad I'm not really sure what to do with tomb blades quite honestly. Doom scythes are terrors, and quite capable of cutting through hulls like all other necron strike craft in void configuration, so they could keep their fighter bomber role, but it doesn't quite feel right having them be not as effective as fighters. Likewise, tomb blades don't feel right in a troop transfer role, being single man vehicles, and that's the point of night scythes anyways, though given that the reason night scythes are used in initial waves is due to the fact the main force doesn't have exacting coordinates to teleport yet it seems more likely they would just teleport given how known the battlefield should be. They could take the fighter-bomber role, given they are explicitly mentioned as being equipped with hull cutters and being fighters simultaneously, but again with better bombers and fighters why even bother? Maybe use them as scouts?

Doing necron fighters right will be hard. Their are supremely agile, explicitly mentioned as being faster than other fighters, and possess very skilled pilots. Its mentioned the night scythe pilots are expected to, beyond making tactical decisions when in its scouting role on non necron planets, supposed to examine natives and preform biopsies and probes on the inhabitants, even testing for suitability for apotheosis, sometime doing this to entire towns at a time while being stealthy. This suggests even the personnel carrier pilots have both scientific and some form of spec ops training, and when compared to the fact most of the doom scythe's mass is actually datastacks with plans and tactics for the pilot to review, enough that when its mission is outside parameters it can look through these and simulate billions of strategies in nanoseconds, means that they are definitely some of the best pilots in the setting, in the best craft, and that's not even the "non-necrons are driven insane by the sound of scythe engines" thing, which is definitely a factor in a battle filled with strike craft. Tomb blades are interesting, as we don't know how much the ground ones are modified for that role, and they are very modular (the shadowloom and nebulascope both being extremely useful refits, but the fact they are one of the few necron craft that the necrontyr will just slap extra armor on sometimes is perhaps the most interesting bit about them) and come in flights of dozens to multiple hundreds, which would kill more than a few computers. They are capable of manuevers that would make most pilots black out or just die to. And thats not mentioning the utter monsters that are the necron bombers. Still, necron carriers would certainly help the lack of versatility the fleet currently suffers from, and were something I was asking for since alpha day one.

The problem is that Necrons have a single strategy and 2 good ships (only Shrouds and Cairns actually being worth taking), with the rest of their roster being so much filler and a waste of points.

The problems with individual ships aside, the price of each ship is inflated by the presence of the doom scythe, which doesn't really do much apart from fighting other strike craft.

This is especially problematic for the Scythe ships (Reaper and Harvester) that the Necrons have, since they aren't really all that great to begin with. The nerf to Starpulse Wave means that these ships already have one weapon that's only useful for getting rid of ordinance and shields (and otherwise useless). The Doom Scythes therefore are even more useless on these ships than normal, since the only use for the Starpulse wave already overlaps with the only use for the Doom Scythes.

And that's apart from the worthlessness of the Doom Scythes as strike craft. Since they can't deal with turrets and only do chip damage to ships; these are essentially glorified scouting tools and turrets (both of which are really redundant and only serve to inflate the cost of ships).

At least with carriers, Necrons would be able to field proper strike craft. Which would in turn allow for the Doom Scythes to be reworked into proper fighters and thus become more useful strategically (by allowing them to be paired with bombers and assault boats and take out turrets instead of rather worthlessly doing chip damage while being picked apart by turrets).

Necrons seem OP enough. IMO.

You tell good jokes. Necrons are still the faction with no diversity, no manueverability, terrible strike craft, and Cruisers that cost more than battleships while being substantially worse. They still get critted to death unless a mandatory upgrade is taken and they still have no counter to things like nova cannons. They still get boarded to death because no shields, and still regenerate slower in most cases to ships with shields, even taking armor into account, and don’t start off the battle without that extra bit of HP. They also still have no answer to multiple torpedoes or waves of strike craft. The only reason they still work is because lances are currently really bad, and capture points can doable with an cL fleet. They are in no way OP.

@nemesor-xanxas Yeah Imps have the tools to mess with necrons. But Necrons just curb stomp any other faction in the game it feels like. I agree they lack diversity. But i would not say they are UP. When you need to exploit and spam certain mechanics in a game just to tickle Necron ships there is something wrong.

I play Chaos. And i have yet to beat crons with chaos.

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@canned_f3tus I mean the issue is that necrons either really over perform or really under preform against most factions. They get annihilated by any boarding faction (nids, SM, orks kinda), destroyed by proper ord builds (IN, ad mech), and get Eldar's by the eldar builds (Cairns still die to any of the regular eldar torpedo fleets in 3ish runs and melt to druhkari), but stomp builds that spam escorts and can't run from them because of dispersed lightning arcs (Tau) and are currently good against chaos not because starpulse is good against carrier fleets (though it can be circumvented) and lances are bad. Before the lance nerf, I had entire fleets die before reaching lightning arc range (I was going to say engagement but sometimes I got lance shots off). I saw a 4 lance boat BB build kill two cairns before the teleport recharged. Now its the opposite. They can't do much. Chaos just isn't very good at the moment in my opinion.