RoughRider's Tips n Tricks / How to use Scale with distributions

Whats up fellas, I've got an in depth video on how to use one specific function in the editor: Scale I feel like it's an easy tool to use, and with small changes you can accomplish things to satisfaction quickly. I love the fact that tree models change when you scale stuff down, and I feel like it can make or (by not having them) break a great view sometimes.

I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding the video. I Hope you guys enjoy it.

Youtube Video

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@roughrider Here is some of my screenies of this method used in game!

alt text

3_1550621617061_20190115155537_1.jpg 2_1550621617061_20190114194628_1.jpg 1_1550621617060_20190114194613_1.jpg 0_1550621617059_20190112101835_1.jpg