Necron Campaign Bug - Prize Mission doesn't end on victory or withdrawal

As the title says, I fought a grueling battle through the Prize mission in the Agripinaa sector where you have to capture REDACTED for Trazyn the Infinite troll. I carefully protected the prize, and routed the White Scars fleet, but once the Space Marines were (apparently) off the field, the mission didn't end. I spent ten minutes scouring the battlefield, and it would have taken an adroit (and cowardly!) space marine vessel to escape that search. That's not behavior I've ever seen in the AI.

Finally, I warped my fleet out and the mission still didn't end. Something is borked.

Hope this gets resolve soon,
Moose Cannon

P.S. One could argue that the Necrons having a disengage button labelled "Emergency Warp Jump" is a bug relative to the lore, since the Necrons are the preeminent anti-Warp faction and aren't able to use it at all. Presumably they have some equivalent capability, perhaps some use of their inertialess drives. One could make that argument, but I won't, because the rules say to only report one bug per topic. 😉

Hey @moosecannon
Thanks for notifying us of this, it has been passed on to the dev team.
Congratulations also on an excellent username. 🙂