AdMech beta feedback

Right now it is not possible to properly test admech due to how often grav shot critical error occurs, but some things are very clear.
Buffs are very welcome. Both grav shot and other improvements are great additions which give the faction unique stengths and actually give players a reason to play admech over IN nova fleet, scince right now the latter is better in almost every way.
These improvements however are made obsolete by the 10% price increase. This faction already was somwhere on the level of "IN but worse in almost every way", having things buffed but also increasing prices defeats the whole purpose of the change. Right now if you want too be efficient with your novas on admech the best you can get is 5 cruisers and 2 escorts. In comparison for IN you'll get 2 Apocalypses + 3 dominators + 2 escorts for the same point cost. The price disparity is just too huge and its not like IN didn't recieve some buffs of their own.

TL;DR: Buffs are needed, price increase is not.

Buffs damage... nerfs price... one step forward 3 steps back....