ABOUT THE NPC (COOP) problems/concern

im hardcore pvp player (gold 4) level 60
I suddenly decided hey lets go try the coop,i have to say it was fun but I noticed some problems that are just stupid

1-npc no matter what weapon they have can shoot you from 800 meters away (seriously I was sniper class super far away and I died from an pistol.a freaking pistol) so no matter the distance they can shoot you for some weird reason and I can barely see them
2-they can shoot through trees,and any obstacle that makes it visible impossible but hey they can do it
3_they can shoot through smoke aye the aimbot can do it
4:the insta meele in the head needs to stop (no matter how many times I meele them they just meele you in the head and the sudden rush/meele needs to be toned down pronto
5:the super accurate Molotov throw from 100 meters away no matter the condition that bot is in (getting shot )

any other problem u guys have faced?? or something that is just wrong? leave it below and im sure the devs will check it out

Also, team mates will always stand in your molotovs' fire to try and rig a cache... Then you get friendly fire and killed by damage reflection. Friendly AI needs to fear fire and C4 way better than they do atm.

Agree on all your points.

Another incredibly frustrating issue that I feel needs worked on ASAP is the GRASS.

When the choice was removed in graphics settings whether or not to show grass I assume the devs forgot to factor this in to the bots visibility. It is responsible for so many of those death by BS moments, you are getting shot at but have no way to respond, you cannot shoot what you cannot see. Surely it is feasible to raise the bots level of vision around grass so they cannot see what you cannot?

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Hey all,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward the feedback to the team!

true they just miss all grass and trees and they just shoot u

thanks chaton for telling them

those are super small changes (I think)hope we get them in this update

I think that we need to keep a few things in mind about the NPCs:-

  1. They communicate the last known position of players with other NPCs; so if you're spotted, it wont just be the one NPC that's going to be shooting at you.
  2. Not all cover provides protection from fire; you can shoot through the same cover. Moreover, stray shots and freak shots are a thing, where an NPC would luck out and their normally inaccurate shot would manage to hit something.
  3. This also means that if one NPC spots you, other NPCs will know where you are, even if their own line of sight is obscured.
  4. The NPCs can't actually shoot through smoke; they do however listen for the sounds you make, including the coughing that's made when you walk through smoke without a mask. That's likely how you're getting shot.

I do however agree that something needs to be done about the laser guided molotovs. It arises from a combination of the NPC ability to accurately throw grenades and the instant damage provided by the incendiaries. Either incendiaries need to have a delay or NPC grenade aim needs to be reduced.

I've mostly not had issues with being shot through smoke. It happens sometimes, but does not seem to be the norm.

The biggest issue I have with them is the melee combat. The combination of them always being able to one-shot players with melee attacks, and the players gun compressing and not firing when in close contact with a bot means that arms-reach engagements are won by bot nearly every time - even when I know a bot is coming around the corner and am ready for it, I still am almost always killed.

I have had issues with smoke. When the smoke is thick you are OK but when the smoke starts to clear the bots can see you earlier than you can see them even if you are not making noise or shooting. There have been many instances where I smoke between bots and myself and try to sneak by (or even just sit there), I can hear them beyond the smoke and they don't shoot but then the smoke starts to clear and I see the muzzle flash of them shooting at me and then 1-2 seconds later I see them.

Totally agree with the melee combat, so frustrating, especially as the AI is always working to engineer the timing of its approach either to meet you at the corner or get two or more lines of sight on you at the same instant or both. It's funny watching how they behave sometimes, if they are in front of you they sometimes will not push but will wait until another bot gets to a flanking position and then push in perfect sync to get one in front, one behind.

I feel also that not only can the bots see what you cannot in many instances but they can hear what you cannot also. The other in game noises, of which there are obviously many do not seem to affect their ability to hear exactly where you are if you sprint or shoot.

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