Vital Campaign option missing - Selecting/Moving ships

I'm enjoying the campaign but the first thing that struck me as severely limiting in the campaign is the lack of two options that in my opinion is keeping the campaign experience from its full potential;

  1. Moving individual ships between fleets.
  2. Selecting which ships are to be available first in battle (ie, rearranging the order of priority of ships entering battle)

Personally, I've hated the "Armies have to be lead by a special general character" ever since it was implemented in Total War. With that said, it would have been a nice touch to have 'captain' special characters that are assigned to each ship. Ideally I would of liked to be able to have fleets that dont need a special admiral character (perhaps being lead by the highest ranking captain) so that I can move ships around at my discretion.

But really I can live with not having point 1 above if point 2 was implemented. I really can't understand why this isn't in the game already. It's incredibly frustrating to be in the scenario where you have only 1 severely damaged ship in a fleet and you're forced to take it into battle if you use the fleet. If I have another fleet or other ship options available I should be able to prioritise taking them instead. This is especially frustrating if that ship has permanent generator/engine damage and is unable to emergency warp jump out...

It's remarkably odd how I don't have a "compose deployed fleet" option that exists in all skirmish and multiplayer formats where I can select my choice of ships from all available fleets up to my leadership value. Why are we limited to only ordering priority of fleets?

Interested in hearing what others thoughts are on this - or maybe let me know if I'm missing something?

Pro tipp: check beta patch #2 notes. 😉

Where are the patch notes on the forum? It's about time there were sticky posts.