New Game Modes

Just wondering if maybe possibly hopefully a Mod/Dev would be so kind as to share a little info on if there is any possibility we may see the return of game modes “Ambush” and “Occupy”... Would absolutely love to see these and once again just wondering if anyone has even the slightest info on wether or not these may find their way into the game. Much appreciated! #VIPLIVESMATTER

I love the Ambush mode from Insurgency 2014. I miss it and I hope they bring it back.

I also miss night maps (which I'm really happy they confirmed for the future).
And having a big diversity of maps. In insurgency 2014 we had buildings (Ministry and Embassy), outdoors (Peak), snow maps, desert maps, different ones like Panj...
Playing games is getting repetitive right now because of the small amount of maps, and how similar some of them feel.

In Insurgency 2014 we had 17 maps, in Sandstorm we have 6.

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Hey @planetcanada and @TallsFalls,
Thank you for sharing this with us. I will forward this to the dev team right away 🙂

@raibi yes, and I hope they listen. I just bought this game and really do love it but one of the big flaws is definitely this topic. Absolutely needs more game modes. Even more than the old insurgency modes too. Demolition/Sabatoge may be played out but it is an absolute classic.

I like Sandstorms unique modes but there should be more for sure.

@raibi That is good to see. Just got the game and really like it. Needing more/better game modes was one of the very few things I thought the game needed.

Occupation wasn’t a bad game mode, but it wasn’t as popular as push or skirmish in the first game. I’d also like to see game modes in this that use much more of the map than occupy.

Ambush was a really fun game, and I would say that NWI made a mistake by not including it in this.

But honestly I we should be getting a new game mode that we haven’t seen before. A big problem with Sandstorm is that it just doesn’t offer enough improvement and new gameplay over the previous title. I don’t know how much of this is on Mikee, but NWI in general really seems to have made a mistake by not putting enough emphasis on game modes and maps.

@tooth-decay I hear that and I don’t disagree with a thing you said there. Occupy was just my fav game mode with respawns and Ambush my fav without. Occupy in my mind would just give that feel again of tighter play and combat (despite the larger maps) that I sometimes miss from the first INs as I only played push every now and then and usually only on one server that had a max player count of 40-48 people I don’t remember which number it was (it did exist lol). Ambush is by far my most played mode as I just tend to take game modes with no repsawns much more serious regardless of the fact im just playing for fun. That being said I had one or two servers in my favourites that at least quite often played Occupy which I found much more intense than push for the simple fact it felt much less spread out at times. A new game mode would be nice though but unfortunately for me and the direction they seem to be going I prefer the tighter play of smaller maps and Sandstorms are quite large. You obviously get that tight CQB sometimes from push in SS but also much more running sim than INs:S. I have been adjusting and I’ve had some fun but obviously getting quite sick of push and Comp is a complete joke to me for reason I have expressed in other posts and will not revisit now...