Co-op Campaign Bugs 1.2 beta

So we have been playing around in the beta patch yesterday with our continued co-op campaign and I wanted to write an update on the state of bugs in the coop campaign and how they differ from the previous patch. The bugs listed asre only the ones that are co-op specific. There are a number of tooltip issues but they are not included. These bugs are as follows:

  1. After two consecutive battles, game will load infinitely trying to get back to the sector/system map.
    This bug seems to have been fixed.

  2. After one battle, co-op partner will not be listed although they are still in the game.
    This bug seems to have been fixed.

  3. After one battle, host player cannot see the UI for selected fleets.
    This one seems the same as last patch. As the host player I will lose the ability to click on a ship and go into the close ship view. Sometimes I lose the top right UI element as well so I cannot go to the fleet selection tab.

  4. Co-op partner cannot see reinforcement ships on the battle map.
    This one seems to have been fixed.

  5. We have been seeing an increase in the number of crashes since the last patch. It also seems like the grav cannons can cause fatal errors crashing my co-op partner to desktop.
    Unlike in the previous patches, when the co-op player crashes out the game is still playable and it reverts to single player. The tactical cogitator becomes usable and I gain control of all ships.

Are other players seeing these same issues? These are our experiences after playing for a few hours. We will continue later and see what else, if any, that we can find.

I played a solid 4-5 hours of coop with the IN. We experienced one crash for the partner, with all the ships just reverting back to host control.

Other than that it was flawless. We had a blast and are already talking about our plans for our next play session.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or by design but the coop partner can’t buy ships.

Edit: with ref number 3 are you sure that’s not because the other player is looking at the fleet? If they are you can’t. You can normally tell because it will have a red outline.

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Coop campaing was unplayable before patch, so we wait for patch. And after patch it still unplayable (for different reason). Now guest player crush to desktop in random time during battle (even i dont use grav cannon - grav cannon crush guest player immediately). We have save on large battle (3х650 imperials vs 3000+ necrons), try to play it 5 times and no success (5 crushes at row). So we force to wait next patch because cant pass that battle.

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Hey everyone. Thanks for reporting these issues!
@Detech Please keep in mind this is the beta of the patch, so we are still working on sorting some things out for the release. Co-op is still in an early access state, but Patch 3 will focus mainly on bringing co-op to a stable state.

The grav cannon crash is a known issue, we are working on it. 🙂

Hello together,

me and a friend tried the beta for testing the coop in campain.

1.) In our plays the guest drops to the main-menu after every battle. pricisely after the result screen of the battle. I only once saw the animation of the fleets fireing at each other in the starmap, after that I was in the main-menu again. I didn't saw any error massages. If there is some kind of log I should provide, please let me know.

2.) In the story-mission of the Imperial-Navy against the Necron-Lord where the falling astroids where introduced. As a guest i didn't saw the danger marks or the animation of the "falling rocks". I was shocked that one ship with full health suddenly exploded. Other danger marks were shown as normal. For now I don't know if this happens in every event or just in this particular mission.

I hope this helps a little.

Best regards

We also recently did the Chinchare mission with the asteroids and the guest player was unable to see any of the animations or warning circles. I am waiting for the asteroids to show up again to see if this is a consistent issue.