[Known issue] Grav Gun Fatal Error

Just played a mirror AdMech game, as soon as the grav guns started going off the game crashed.

The couple of games before, against Eldar, the players reported that as soon as I would fire their game would crash.

Against other factions the second grav gun would cause me to insta win, whilst against another AdMech the second grav gun caused a fatal error for me.

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I am surprised this isn't talked more here.
This is pretty much the biggest issue in the beta, so far none of any of my game involving ad mec player did not ended with a crash, particularly so when everyone wants to try the new gav shot.

This isn't the first post about it I dont think.

It's a known issue. In the beta post on steam :

Patch 2 Beta Known Issues

Potential crash in multiplayer with the Grav Cannon (new Adeptus Mechanicus Nova Cannon ammunition)