Sooo Devs...? Mods...?

Juuuust wondering... If you guys were trying to hit the 14th for the update but ran into some issues any chance maybe possibly you have a new target date?? Did you specify one and I missed it? Also how come the only reason I heard about the fact that you guys intended to patch on the 14th was through a non dev/mod person here in the community? I forgot about Twitter and also don’t have an account but why wouldn’t you yourselves or the mods post this here for all to see you know in these here forums where quite a few people are asking for more communication and what not...? Just curious not trying to be anything else! I check this forum at a minimum of once a day. Twitter etc... not so much...

@planetcanada my thoughts exactly. I don't use Twitter and never will. I do use their forum daily and they left us out. I suppose they can reach more people through social media.

@mlb7 Lol were stuck in the Stone Age... When my pc no work I smash with rock usually fix 🙂

Don't worry @planetcanada . I'll continue to post updates. 😉

Yeah, seems weird that news would come from other sources rather than the "official" forums but as strange as it sounds, I've seen the same thing from some AAA devs as well.

@kean_1 Lol no doubt. But hey thanks I would really appreciate that! 😁