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Ok if someone has the ability to do coz I haven't to do the modding pls do this:
Can someone send me the modified folders with that every ship has 1 and another where every ship has 25 point cost and 50point if it possible with infinyt abbilities like boardin nova cannon like in BGA1? [I mean charges] if not then just the fleet point. It will be a very big help to me. I want to play big scale battles on this moster PC, but I need someone who can do this first. PLS send me this folder 2 time , as I heard it's not a big work but I'm too stupid for this 😞 like the( encryp and decrypt),so again pls someone send me this file to here.

Thank you for your time to read this post.

Note: English is not my first language.

And I'm not intrested in suggestion only someone who do this to me , I waste 3 days from my life to try did that what someone can do maybe 20 minute or less ( it's just a tip) .

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As per the conversation we had, you're asking people to modify every single ship and every single ability in the game. If that's the scope of what you're looking at, you may want to learn and do it yourself, because that'll take a long time for someone to do.

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Can anyone desrybe to me the unitstatoffial.csv file and then I can edit it and after that somene can encrypt it to me?

@silent-king you have to specify a file name otherwise it wont complete the process

Hello everyone! Thanks @PistonMiner for the post. All the info is greatly appreciated. I was having a hard time with invasions and wanted bigger fleets and you just managed to help with that.

I wanted to ask if you guys know which file contains either the number of construction points for each ship or the file containing the amount of CPs gained each turn in a system. I'm having trouble creating big fleets since although the value of the ships are lower, they still require CPs and battleships and such take some turns to build. I've looked for it in the UnitStats and UnitSchemas and found nothing. So if you can just point which file it is I'll manage to make the changes.

Thanks in advance!

@flots BonusesImp_Blackboard.csv and UnitStatsOfficial.csv, if you have the latest patch please report back if the game loads at all or just freeze on the loading screen, mine does it even without changing a single value after decrypting and re encrypting the files.

@caliger_reborn yep, deleted all of them, notepad++ conviniently marks them as they are, artifacts, still no dice, i will experiment with it some in the weekend, after work i have no desire to do anything with it

@m-andris90 In the UnitStatsOfficial there's no data about CPs, only requisition cost. I've already changed that one. In the BonusesImp_Blackboard there's values for all the planets so I risk modifying that and giving a super planet to an enemy, no? I'd manually change the CP cost of every ship if only I could find the correct file...

About the game freezing, nothing of the sort here. Already changed the costs of ships and even the invasion rate of the systems and the game loads just fine. However I didn't use Python per se, I decrypted the files using a website, then changed it in Notepad++, encrypted the files again and swapped them in the folder. Kept a backup of each modified file and that was it.

its a part of the imperial campaign stats changed to my liking if i get to play it like this, it only works for the player as i see as each playable race has its own files for this, care to share which website?
as per command points you mean 6 points for a battleship then i didnt find that either yet but dont really care about it, neither did the shield regen stats

@m-andris90 oh, it was set as docking points. I was looking for construction points. That explains it. Thanks! I'll try to change those then. Not sure if I can share links here, but the website is this one. Just load the file, put the key and decrypt. Download the file, make the changes, remove the nul at the end and encrypt it again. Hope it helps!

@flots had to delete every single bit of the game even profiles and saves, to get it working, dunno why, but it leaves nice artifacts, suchs as odd numbers on ship stats even on those which was not edited, somewhere must be a register file for those or its just glitchy again, btw found the ship points its in the renown design file, last 3 columns

Anyone found where the upgrade traits stored in the game files, to change Spire's useless ones?

I would very much love it if I can have the command/select/etc voice lines from the first game replacing the second game's cus the voice acting in the first one is SO much better