First of all, I like this game but it currently has a lot of issues, some of which I will list below. The issue is described and the mode of occurence is given.

My GPU is Nvidia GTX970 with the latest drivers, OS Windows 7 - up to date.

Missing textures:
*Missing gun and hands after spawning. Sometimes gun will be present but without any attachments. Scope zooms in but doesn't display proper visuals. Can be remedied by going to the load-out screen, this often has to be done at least twice. Very often you have to go to the load-out screen twice or thrice before you can actually begin playing...
*Sometimes hands are missing but gun is visible. Can't be fixed by the previous remedy.
*Sometimes friendly players are completely invisible

Distorted textures:
*Textures disappearing and slowly building up from lo-fi to higher fidelity after visiting load-out screen.
*When spectating, the camera seems to be within the player model and the view is through distorted textures.
*'Ghost' characters; when a character dies, sometimes the model will stay at the location at a standing pose. The model has no collision and you can walk through them. This can be very distracting.
*Spawned characters have blood on them or have a puddle of blood at their feet which moves along with the character.

Lighting bug:
Sometimes after visiting load-out screen, the lighting is a lot darker than normally. This can be, again, fixed by visiting the load-out screen once or twice. Maybe a problem with gamma levels?

Voice bugs:
*Voice distortion when going to load-out screen, especially noticeable if gunship is airborne or in a vehicle. The gunship sounds are pitched up when going to or out from the load-out screen.
*Machine gun fire sounds continuously even though it is not fired anymore. Can be fixed by visiting the load-out screen.

Comments/gripes on mechanics:
*Unable to fire when switching from prone to standing. This doesn't make sense because in a combat situation you would keep your firing hand on the weapon and be ready to fire as you support yourself with the other hand.
It should be implemented especially because you are able to fire when going over obstacles.
*Unable to fire after sprinting
*Climbing into or out of windows or low barriers is often difficult and the character walks against the object or bounces off it, rather than going through/over it. Some low barriers can't be climbed. Some low steps can't be walked over, you have to rather jump over them.
*Very unintuitive driving mechanics. Vehicle manouvering is not common so this is currently not a big issue but driving feels extremely weird.
*All explosive spots have the same quick key - WHY? Change it, so it's slot-based or purpose-based (smoke on 3, frag on 4, etc.)
*Picking up items is difficult. Very often you cannot pick up the item, even though it's in plain sight and unobstructed.
*If you manage to pick something up, the picked up items are immediately equipped. Makes sense for main weapon, but not for grenades.
*In Co-Op mode, it's possible to be spawned in front of enemies. As there is an automatic, unstoppable loading animation when spawning, you're left helpless.

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