Spawn camping, Im talking you spawn and you are shot within 2 steps of spawning needs to stop

I'm not sure where this post goes so I apologize. First off, I want to say I love the game, but like the title mentions, there are a few maps where people can line up shots to shoot people directly in spawn.

In push, which is the mode I normally play, dying in spawn is a huge blow. Now, if we had a way to defend ourselves from it, sure I understand, but these spots allow the enemy to shot you within 2 steps of spawn. That's just not practical. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact maps, or all the spots they're shooting in from.

I'm sure someone will say I'm just complaining, but if we want to see genuine skill based gameplay (and a lot of camping because this game rewards camping a lot), we can't be getting killed in spawn. It totally takes away from the game and ruins the spirit of the game because you end up waiting another minute or more just to spawn back in.

Thank you for your time.

Yep some maps need refinement in those areas. It is extremely easy to cheese/abuse this on some maps.