Suggestion on alleviating stealth escort abuse

So I think anyone can agree that stealthy escorts with something like emission dissipatior are pertty annoying to deal with in domination MP. I'm not saying impossible but with current mechanics it can be a pretty cheesy tactic when you lose the fight and just harass the points with leftovers.

So what I'd suggest is to not reset point capture progress on enemy ships entering the area but pause it. Currently, if something like an escort so much as touches the area and rushes off back to stealth, the point capping is reset and it can pretty much be done for god knows how long. I belive at least this should be prevented.

Also, I don't know how hard would it be for the point to 'recognise' the tonnage of the ship, but I believe it would be good to make the speed of capturing a point scale with it because currently 2 escorts cap points faster than 1 battleship, for example. The speed scaling with only the amount of ships in the area seems wierd.

Alternatively (or maybe in addition), there could be capping priority so that ships of certain tonnage couldn't be contested by ships of a certain lesser one.

Those are just my ideas and I get that the situation I'm describing is rather specific, meaning one player's got nothing but escorts and the other's loosing on points control and has got no means to deal with stealth left. Yet I believe them to be justified, seeing how easy it is to disrupt and annoy an opponent with this now.

Hey @B3anMarine
Thanks for these suggestions, I've passed them on to the dev team.