The AI in this game acquires targets too quick.

The AI in this game starting with gunners on trucks find me no matter where I am at the moment I peak my head out. Just a tad bit overpowered (understatement) 1 shot from the hip and the AI knows exactly where I am when I am quiet and in a corner. Shot before i can react. This is not good design and frustrates players. I am really close to quitting because of this. Not a big fan of difficulty jumping all over the place either.

Sadly, subsequent patches and hotfixes create even more issues, than the ones they manage to eliminate.

At the moment AI reactions are still jumping all over the place from:

a) completely ignoring player presence


b) superhuman-predatorsense-heatvision-wallhack-aimbot-haxor ubersoldier.

Up to the point (and sometimes even beyond) of only seeing it's head (not torso!!!) a 100 yards away in a well-magnified scope for 10 milliseconds means you're headshot without even having a chance to pull the trigger from a bipoded M249 position. I've seen the replay (it was still usable then). Fact is, it was that bot in the reticle, and not another one spawning behind me.

Two opposite examples on AI behaviour variance.
ID: bf3b1153-dc6a-485f-b2b0-addccb750942. My user ID at the time is Deadly Premonition.

You can see as a bot:
Example 1) turning from behind a wall and instantly one shots me (one bullet!!), despite me being completely prepared to shoot him down, because I know he'll turn up. It's not on account of my poor reaction time, I do 66:0 and no-death matches all the time. This is not fun at all, guys, it's called "LAZY AI PROGRAMMING". Maybe you all should ask yourselves: would YOU have fun in the same situation?

Example 2) A bit later I'm in the middle of a reload (m249), a bot turns into view, waltzes right before me, then turns his back on me and breaches the door and leaves.

AI is FUBAR, this time on an entirely new level. I've never encountered Example 2 before, only Example 1 (but that I did more often than I would like to remember!).

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update: Ai can even headshot you by hipfiring while RUNNING (!!!), while you're prone, having them in the target reticle and just about to pull the trigger and kill them. They're casually running, yet they somehow have perfect aim capability to shoot an enemy from the hip with ONE BULLET, while the enemy is laying prone 50 yards away. This is getting way more ridiculous than before. Do you even play with your own game?!

2019.04.27 footage - oneshot wallhack/aimbot hax NPC in action

Youtube Video

Turning to the left, acquiring target, hipfiring one shot to the head. All of this within 10 frames (as this is originally a 60 fps video, this equals to 1/6 sec). I had the guy targeted. On the next couple of frames (11-15/60) he would probably be shot dead.

update v1.2.0.81527 June 2019
Youtube Video

How am I supposed to counteract this kind of AI behaviour? I though we are playing against simulated soldiers, not agents from the Matrix.


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They have absolutely no clue how to setup a logic/plausible acting AI. Amateurish. Disappointing.

And for some reason, bots with AKM and Uzi's often get that 1 headshot from 100 meters away. This was also the case with certain submachine guns in Insurgency 2014.

I have been killed by hip firing, strafing bots crossing at the bottom of the main street on District when I was at the top and prone. This has happened more than once.