Hey everyone!

I am here on behalf of BattlegroundsGG, an organization dedicated to hosting eSports events on tactical shooters. We are currently supporting console games, but we are looking to expand to the PC platform, to support Insurgency: Sandstorm and other tactical titles. We are in need of some personnel to help us organize PC events.


  • Design and run tournament brackets
  • Use the Toornament platform to organize events (until our custom platform is launched)
  • Ensure that teams are organized, and events are started on time
  • Be active in the PC community
  • Be available at all events you are leading
  • Professionalism and fairness
  • Emphasize great sportsmanship
  • 18yo+
  • Must have discord for communication

If you are interested in joining our staff, then visit our discord: and DM me. Correktd#6209