Often & random crashes to main menu during capaign

My friend and I who both play this game are both experiencing frequent crashed to the main menu during our campaigns. (we both are playing separate games but are having the same issue).

The crash goes like this, we either just finish a battle then click continue and it takes us back to the main menu meaning we have to repeat the battle.

Or we try to load up a save game and it takes us to the main menu as soon as we get in.

Have tired verify game cache which lets us play 1 or 2 turns more but then the problem repeats. very frustrating, Any permanent fixes?

Hey @vlad2892! This is an issue with EAC (Easy Anti Cheat). This can happen if you are either:

  • Using 3rd party software (it can be quite sensitive in this regard)
  • Making changes to game files
  • Playing on a pirated copy

If none of these are the case for you, please let us know, thanks.


Thanks for the reply. I think i found the issue. I have an unstable internet connection at my home and whenever the net drops out i have issues.

Tested in steam offline mode and the game will not let me play at all.