I made a post about the need for a replay feature for both content creators (youtubers) and for people to be able to see where they went wrong along with just for fun back in beta. I was informed by one of the community managers that it will be passed along to the devs and I appreciate they have had bigger issues to look at, I was just wondering if its a feature that they will or would like to add in (and if so a rough time for that) or if for some reason they cant?
Cheers guys its a great game.

I think it will do the game a lot of good.
I'm having to record all my games to watch later and look for mistakes, its such an inconvenience.
Hydra have to record his games and ask for people to send him videos to do replay casts which would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Having replay casts of great matches, different builds/strategies is a geat way of keeping the multiplayer scene active, competitive and engaged

I'm not a dev, and I have nothing against single player, but replays seem to be such a small thing when compared with new campaigns.

Hey there!
This is no small endeavour, but we take all feedback into consideration, thanks! We are definitely aware of the discussion surrounding this topic. 🙂

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