snorkel add-on

Has anybody had any luck changing the location of the air intake using a snorkel as an add-on?
I tried adding the following code to the addon's XML, but it did not relocate the air intake to the proper location.

		SensationMin="(0.356; 1.598; -0.692)"
		SensationMax="(0.356; 1.665; -0.692)"

Tried with and without the ParentFrame, same results. Also tried changing the ParentFrame from the truck's CDT to the snorkel's CDT, same issue.

@mexican_420 have tried it when the game came out, but no luck so I gave up.

Thanks @wrangmog
Looks like I'm gonna have to decide whether I want the snorkel to be a permanent fixture or just ditch it altogether.

@mexican_420 . hi, are you trying to make the snorkel something you add in the garage??
because i just played a truck that had add-on snorkel, not sure if that is related to this at all.

@mexican_420 I just added the damage point at the top of the snorkel with my first mod. And all my other mods have the snorkel attached to the stock truck. Back in spintires with spintires+ it worked I believe.

Yes, but I'm going for a functional snorkel that actually raises the location of the engine's air intake, not just slapping an ugly plastic pipe on it for looks. Ideally I'd like to have the option to run without the snorkel (which would use the factory intake location and IMO look cleaner) OR with the snorkel for maps with a lot of deep water crossings, but it doesn't look like MR's code allows for it... 😞

Yeah, the "intake" code does nothing but create that weird vortex effect (strictly visual). Was hoping the damage point coded for the snorkel would just override the one for the truck, but it appears to cause some kind of conflict that just reverts the damage point's location to 0;0;0

@Mexican_420 About the damage, I've done it a couple of times and the (x,y,z) was moved one step so (x=z, y=x, z=y) if you get my drift. I guess it's a glitch

I I managed to model a snorkel that doesn't look too bad, and since my JKU is kitted out primarily for overlanding I just made the snorkel permanent and aligned the damage point accordingly. Might check out your suggestion with a future mod though, thanks!

@mexican_420 it was only possible back at spintires with st+ its sad because I make snorkels for all the toyotas but now its kinda more of a visual addons than a actual snorkel