February Update, or: Update on the community update needed!

Dear devs,
I would be pleased if you could give us an approximate date for the upcoming update. I just can't take some of the major flaws anymore. And of course I am very excited about the new content. So please, just feed us.

+1 Agree, maybe it’s not even in February 😞

@banani2804 I’m sure these guys are working hard and trying to sort everything out for us while attempting to make as many people happy as they can all at the same time. That being said I think even just a bit more communication on their current progress every now and then would be quite appreciated. By many probably. Just thinking out loud!

@planetcanada: Exactly! I do not think the developers are currently in Florida boozing away their life, BUT I am asking for more communication.
Then again: most "pressing" issues in these forums as of now: 'give us emotes' and 'face masks' - so I guess you get what you are asking for... Hopefully they will be implementing some crazy tattoo cosmetics with the new update...

Not the most pressing, but only the most recent requests make. A lot of the current issues have been in the game for a while and most players are aware of it. So these jump down in the forum structure. The most requests are:

Further performance improvements
New Content like Maps and Weapons

I'm just going to add a comment here in the hope that it encourages NWI to release the patch this week!

@planetcanada - good idea! If we keep posting, our post will remain at the top.

I'm not a big fan of how they do business. I would much rather have small updates more frequently. There are serious bugs and exploits that should have been addressed long before now. It seems they are off in la la land and could care less about the games success or their customers.

@mlb7 I hear you man. It’s like I already said I do believe they are working on this update and getting it released but I totally agree the smaller more frequent updates would be better. That’s just my thinking. I cannot say for sure that this is true but I just find it so highly unlikely that a massive update at the end of February is going to fix all or even the majority of current issues especially with the addition of new content. So then what? I know they are doing a lot of testing apparently... But release this all and then another two months before the release of the next update that attempts to fix all the shit this update is more than likely going to break? Hoping I’m way out in left field here... Getting harder and harder to stay optimistic. (Barely playing at this point 230+ hours 🤷♂️)

@planetcanada Adding new content when the current content is broken sounds foolish to me. Every map in the game needs attention. Weapons, crosshairs, or bodies not loading in. Screen going dark and having to look down and hit escape twice to brighten it back up. Overall performance is terrible. I used to play the game in 4k everything max with 120 fps and then an update screwed it up and now i play on 1080 everything on low with high textures.

Hey everyone! We understand and appreciate that you're all excited for the next update. Currently the team is working hard and the update is on track for the end of this month. We will announce the precise contents and release date once we are certain of the exact day.

@jellyfoosh thanks for the response can't wait for the update and take your time!

@Jellyfoosh: I too appreciate that you have given us a rough date for the update! Now I know when to take some time off 😉

@Jellyfoosh, is there a way to be testers for the new update?

It is somewhat unbelievable how impatient the human has become in the digital age. No wonder we seem to be heading towards catastrophy.
I for one am happy and value the time and effort NWI puts into this. Looking forward to all things to come.

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@feuerholz said in February Update, or: Update on the community update needed!:

It is somewhat unbelievable how impatient the human has become in the digital age. No wonder we seem to be heading towards catastrophy.
I for one am happy and value the time and effort NWI puts into this. Looking forward to all things to come.

If I was being impatient I would have left to play something else awhile ago. Most of the things I have a problem with have been in the game since beta. Never hurts to speak up.

@feuerholz I’m not sure anyone asked for you opinion on that matter but hey suppose your entitled to it. But as for the rest of us who have already been waiting very patiently since the game was “complete” and released in full on the 12th of December - I believe the last update was December 21st and at some point we were told by the devs themselves that updates would be much more in quantity and frequency. So please your highness excuse us if we are a little impatient when we were continually lead to believe one thing yet delivered another... Once again I am not trying beat on the devs as I have said several times now that I believe they are hard at work and that I appreciate their hard work but I stand by my previous comments. A little more communication as well as honesty can go a very long way.

@aslan14 Let me know if you get a PM on your question! Lol.