Only one of my two friends can see my community server in their server browser and connect to it. The other friend and myself can connect with no issues.

This led me to believe that the first friend (who can't connect) has a network issue specific to him. However, he can join our party and play together with us on NWI public servers.

His inability to see my server persists even when trying to connect via IP, after a reboot and trying again on different days.

What's odd is that he can see SOME community servers, but not as many as my other friend and myself which is strange!

Also, he's only using standard windows Defender/Firewall. He also tried connecting via a mobile hotspot to bypass his home network and had the same results.

I'm forwarding "-port=27102 -queryport=27131" as per my startup .bat.

Anyone got a solution or any advice?