Campaign AI - not reacting to AOE attacks (novas etc)


Do you plan on changing something with the AI so it escapes when the AOE attacks is placed on the map? At the moment they simply run into it or stay in place making these attacks really OP in the campaign. This is on Hard difficulty.

At the moment I regret taking Novas in my Imperial campaign 🙂 should've stuck with torps to make it a little more challenging.

totally agree, eldar especially are so weak to nova spam, when they think they are stealthed they dont bother dodging anything, and ofc as the player you can still see them from their fancy pulsars etc and target that area

Yeah the AI is very poor just convoys of Orks walking into nova's - though to be fair If they improved it too much some missions might become impossible on hard.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback, I've passed it on to the dev team!

Not just novas even, as necrons you can sit in a gas cloud and the enemy just convoys toward, super grouped up, jump in with dispersed shot and starpulse and they all die super quick