Wheel support question

Would anyone happen to know if the fanatec Forza bundle ( see link below ) work with mudrunner for Xbox one?


Would you happen to have a answer for my question? I've searched and searched but I can't find a answer anywhere.

@kingnightshadow Sadly, I don't know. I have G25 and PC so I can't tell about this fancy wheel and X-box.
On the other hand, if that wheel works with your console in general, I can't see why that should be different with Mudrunner.

I have a Logitech g920 on Xbox and there is little to no ffb but it's still fun I guess. We were supposed to get an update to fix that and "the team is hard working on it for consoles" but I haven't seen it hell they haven't even put out the teaser for MR2 for the end of Jan like they said so I'm just waiting

@jayson i have a g920 as well. Take the rubber out of the break, feels much better, also don't use the bundle I linked lol I used a buddies, ruined the g920 for me lol it feels so weak and toy like now XD

@sodoma pretty much all it is, is a wheel base with a hub you attach to it so it'll work with Xbox lol. A friend has one and while I was hanging out with him he asked if mudrunner works with these and I couldn't find anything online lol so I asked here.

@kingnightshadow In that case, I see your friend's wheel tried on your console with MR as a quickiest and possibly as the most reliable solution 🙂

@sodoma oh yeah lol we'll have to try when we can hang out again. In about a year XD

@kingnightshadow for me it's great except the break yes but for Forza it's very strong

@jayson it's a great wheel. I love it just, they shouldn't have tried for a fake load cell lol other then that. It's a solid wheel

Mount it vertically on the table and stick a pizza stone on top for that proper truck feel 😝