necron campaign issues so far, (turn 60)

ok a few things are realy bugging me about the necrons in campaign so far
feel like they should have even greater reduction to get critted since they are slow and unshielded, every single battle most of my shit gets damaged or destroyed in the first few minutes even when i have big ships against loads of LCs etc
the doom scythe fighters are garbage, id be fine with that if it werent for the fact you get 1 squadron per ship regardless of its size, if its a base ability for all necron line ships you should at least get more depending on the tonnage, 1 for the LCs, 2 for the cruiser and battle cruiser, and 3 for the battleships

with imperium i struggled for money and had to invest, even in the late game i was with high income i was usually spending on upgrades as fast as i made it till about turn 90 when id upgraded everything
but necrons jsut throws money at you
its like turn 50 and i have like 6k in the bank
and ive been keeping max allowed fleets at all times, upgraded everything
been buying new ships times and destroying old ones without a second though (another point that sucks)
i hated having to by a LC to make my flagship so i could scuttle my lvl 4 BC so i could then get BS to make my flag ship and then destroy the LC... so horribly inefficient


disagree with you on the usefulness of scythes

but i do agree with crits
pyramidal would be really useful as a innate admiral ability, like other factions have encouraging speech

also dislike that your main admiral has mass recall as one of his skills
its a really good skill in pvp but with the fleets divided in 3 and the ai being impossible to sneak onto with a LC
it loses most of its use

with necrons i think the chokepoint is construction points instead of resources i think
tho they are pretty well off on all parts

Yeah was same with Spire, i had the ram and torpedo speed upgrade on him, i didnt ram, and didnt use torpedoes, i used carrier or nova cannon fleets because hard mode with emergecy guage need to take as little damage per fight possible.

In general you should be able to choose upgrades and skills for your commanders imo but ESPECIALLY for the main character since your forced to use them in every main and side mission.

I dont think doom scythes are totally useless, i just think they useless given they dont scale, a Cairn should have 3 squadrons imo, cruisers and battle cruisers 2, and the light cruisers 1.

I use the doom scythes in larger campaign battles to recon enemy units basically and they function well in that regard. And when an enemy ship splits off from a larger group, it gets a whole heap of Doom Scythes on its ass to keep hurting it for a long period of time and cripple that ship while I focus on the rest.

I don't really see an issue there.
Also, I found I've got more resources in the Imperial campaign so far compared to the Necron campaign, though I also haven't had any mission or fight where I really lost any ships (One so far) and I'm on turn 50, I've had groups of ships worth around 1000 points going up against tyranids or chaos up to 1500 points and still came out relatively intact.

So I think your experience just simply is quite different form mine, that's not to say it's invalid, but with different tactics and different progression, your whole experience might be quite different from how it is no.

I do completely agree on the flagship thing, and just, exchanging ships between fleets and admirals between fleets in general, that would be a big quality improvement.

i already finished the imperium on hard with gauge, the money was decent, as in you invest early and get a steady stream that keeps growing, what i mean by necron being weird is that within the first 20 turns or so i had thousands in the bank i just couldnt spend lol, its insane how fast you get money and how much money the income planets give compared to imperium. Imperium isnt too low on money at all i think the necron one is just way too much lol.

And yes the doom scythes are decent at recon as is any fighter, my point is it feels like the larger ships should have more squadrons, im not having any issues with them so far on hard actually quite easy to win with necrons, it just seems dumb to me that a cairn has same number of fighters as a light cruiser

I think some of the weirdness with the campaign finances is due to mining worlds percent scaling and lack thereof for the Necrons. The Imperium needs the 100 a turn boost to get started, but eventually the forge worlds will generate as much as/more than a Necron crown world as you stack the mining worlds. I am only partway through my Necron campaign so it is possible that there are some mining world equivalents hiding somewhere I haven't seen, but I think the point stands. They give you the flat income on the planets to compete with mid/late Imperium numbers, but because you need to only upgrade that planet, and not a whole network of them you get that income much quicker while your fleets are still small and don't require massive expenditures. Which with help from the Dynastic Treasures, leads to resources glut.

In essence I think your right I never feel like I need to make any real tradeoffs because of resources in the Necron campaign like I did during the first 50ish turns of the Imperium Campaign (both on hard with gauge, just for reference).