Overwatch banning case system?

I'd be interested to see if there could be a system like this implemented, one like CSGO had. I found doing that kind of thing to be fun and interactive with the community even CV though it's not a game. It's just a solid way to bot get people falsely banned.

Also, if so, would this system ever go to console?

Unfortunately the player base in Insurgency is small and I don’t think a lot of players will be spending their time seeking for hackers.

The Overwatch system is extremely simple and only suited to expose obvious cheaters due to the limitations of the tools provided. If a tool like this was to be implemented its should at least be MUCH more refined and used to filter out less obvious cheaters by providing useful info like time stamps, suspicious behaviour, etc by the player and having a tutorial provided by EAC on how to do so effectively, sending them to EAC to let EAC decide if ban, if player provide a bad video / poor analysis, blacklist the player from sending more videos to reduce traffic. Described and shown elements of this in thread "security issues".