Co-op Campaign Bugs Patch 1.1

So we have been playing around in the live patch today with our continued co-op campaign and I wanted to write an update on the state of bugs in the coop campaign and how they differ from the beta branch. They are as follows:

  1. After two consecutive battles, game will load infinitely trying to get back to the sector/system map.
    This bug is ongoing and is exactly as during beta branch and previous patch.

  2. After one battle, co-op partner will not be listed although they are still in the game.
    This bug has not changed since the beta branch, the host will not see anyone connected although the guest player can still move fleets

  3. After one battle, host player cannot see the UI for selected fleets.
    This one has changed some, the host player can now see the ship UI on the battle map but can not click on a ship to go into the closer examine screen. It was also observed once that the UI in the top right had vanished after a battle.

  4. Co-op partner cannot see reinforcement ships on the battle map.
    This one seems to be the same as in the beta branch and as we continue into the campaign this is the only one that is really game breaking. By the end of large fights the guest cannot see anything that is still happening in fights.

  5. Ships that are destroyed do not reliably show as destroyed in the post battle summary screen.
    This issue has been fixed since the beta branch.

Are other players seeing these same issues? These are our experiences after playing for a few hours. We will continue later and see what else, if any, that we can find.

As in all of the previous iterations, saving and then reloading after each combat will remove the issues until you fight again. Because of this the game is 90% playable aside from the reinforcement issue.

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Same as before in the other thread, i'm still seeing these issues as well.

We seem to be having more issues where we complete a battle and then the co-op player unexpectedly disconnects. This freezes the host players game and allows no progression and the battle usually has to be re-done. It's becoming a problem and hope that this can be tracked down.

EDIT: This issue may be tied to an interaction with Twitch on Chrome. This was happening every other battle and after one fatal error it actually closed my twitch chrome tab when I acknowledged it. I have since stopped having twitch streams on in the background and have not had this happen once in five battles.

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