traktor kannon too good

it doesnt just apply force
it completely dictates movement
no positioning or boosting can counteract it
its like BFG1 taunt, but for a (slightly) shorter duration and giving your enemy complete control over your ship

it should pull
but it shouldnt be the only thing determining how the ship moves

pulling in the direction the ship is going should speed it up dramatically and pulling against direction should mean the traktor has a harder time

or just keep the distance and lower the duration
its ridiculous in its current form

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To be honest, it does feel a bit weird. As it is, I use it 80% of the time not for pull, but rather 3 second (or whatever time it lasts) of pseudostun to interrupt enemy boost.

It feels a bit cheap, especially combined with AoE ability like stasis field, but truth be told I don't see how you are supposed to ever catch a mobile eldar ship without it. Maybe give it a LOT more force (like a very hard push into the desired side) instead of constant drag, to make it a bit more skill requiring?

It's good but it's not that long range and the cone isn't super wide. Works best when combined with stasis field like jawrippa says but then the ork player is using two abilities to hold 1 of your ships. Compare that to dark eldar AOE instant slowdown field, or admech warp storm, and it's not THAT powerful.

I wouldn't be against it having a tiny bit of a longer cooldown though.

Combine traktor cannon with the on it effect of slowing zap as well as orks underpriced ships which you can't fight head on. Even slaughter cant outrun a ork blob 😞 Cant fight them till they split, and cant get away from them 😞