[Feedback] Please bring back Lock On for DE

DE was my favorite faction, now I can't even play them. It's ridiculous to have to get point blank with an enemy in order to fire on them.

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DE not only remains the strongest and the most stupidly OP faction bar asuryani... and it even got BUFFED by the 0.2 crit on the right click to win falling moon...

if anything DE should be nerfed to the ground not buffed

@astur117 Have you tried actually using your brain for once while playing the faction now?

@solaire No, I never did try that. Thank you for your help in making me a better player and better person. This world needs more people like you!

@Astur117 I wholeheartedly disagree, DE is one of the strongest factions in the game, purely because of the pure DPS of their ships.

I would like to refer you to this thread https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/33400/the-big-eldar-thread-and-more/21 that sums up a lot of the issues of the Eldar in general.

@chua Their DPS is pretty good, for sure. But I feel like the Craftworld is better in most respects now -- higher armor, better DPS (I haven't actually crunched the numbers, but that's what it seems like), more torpedos on their ships, etc. And they're just as maneuverable. The only way DE is better that I can tell is in their boarding. Any decently skilled player can keep DE from utilizing their stealth almost constantly. Fighters, auger probes, marking, or just getting in close.
But, just one man's opinion.

@astur117 last I checked, a single Druhkari battleship out dps’d an entire Necron/imperial fleet, and they can bring three of them with change. In the Druhkari thread, videos of them outbrawling orks have been posted. Boarding is not their only option.

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when "one man's opinion" doesnt align with facts then the problem isnt with the facts.... its with your opinion...

@gbem "better" is subjective. Check your facts about what the word "facts" means.

@astur117 are you really that dumb? ok let me bombard you with some facts

  1. drukhari has the highest raw dps in the game (all guns combined)
  2. drukhari has all prow facing weapons and therefore has a higher peak dps than broadside factions
  3. drukhari gets ARMOR PENETRATING TORPEDOES (which can reduce a battleship to 1/4th health in 1 volley)
  4. drukhari gets a FAST TURNING BATTLESHIP
  5. all drukhari battleships have INSANE DPS EFFICIENCY
  6. drukhari (being eldar) is faster than most factions
  7. drukhari has high boarding efficiency
  8. drukhari gets permastealth
  9. as proven by video testing drukhari can win engagements without even moving by virtue of sheer dps


soo no your opinion is shit as it does not align with facts and you simply suck... and if anything... DE should be... and probably will be... nerfed to the ground in a patch or 2...

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DE are glass cannons. People complaining about their high DPS seem to be forgetting that they are made of paper. Everyone who is complaining that OP should use their brain is clearly lacking their own, any player worth their salt should be able to keep DE unstealthed with fighters and escorts. The solution isn’t nerfing DPS and range, it’s increasing range and lowering DPS to match.

Players as a community need to stop the trend of “Strat A beat me! Nerf it to the ground devs!” and instead learn to counter it instead of whinning. If everyone has their way every faction will suck.

"DE are glass cannons"
false... glass cannons by definition cannot brawl against the enemy and win...
DE can actually win by being dumb and just sitting there brawling... dont be an idiot...

also DE is actually a hit and run faction... not a glass cannon faction...Tau protector is the glass cannon faction and it is a true glass cannon faction by virtue of squishyness and slowness... so dont humiliate yourself further...

"Everyone who is complaining that OP should use their brain is clearly lacking their own"
anyone who claims DE and asuryani isnt a problem is blind and retarded... all data gathered so far points to DE and asuryani being OP (both winrate and legends/players)

"The solution isn’t nerfing DPS and range, it’s increasing range and lowering DPS to match."
eldar and orks are the only 3 factions REALLY overperforming as of the moment... do we
a. buff every single faction to the level of these 2 OP factions?
B. nerf those 2 OP factions in line with the rest?

B would create less problems for sure...

"and instead learn to counter it instead of whinning"
no... you just suck tbh.. go to the discord and we can have an extended discussion on how to appropriately use DE...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. The fact that OP desided to put this topic into Technical Feedback forum is not helping.

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First, being a glass cannon has nothing to do with speed. It has to do with being able to dish out damage but not take it. Deldar are absolutely not a brawling faction, and you will lose if you try to brawl with them. I tested this by playing like a moron and brawling against AI (spoiler alert, it didn’t work). I have noticed a trend of people (not necessarily anyone here) getting out played by a Deldar player, whole ignoring any sort of scanning, and then complaining that are OP. If I am just building my Deldar ‘brawling fleet’ wrong, and there is some sort of viable brawling build, let me know as I would like to test it. Deldar should not be tanky, and I agree that they shouldn’t be able to be tanky, but I don’t believe this to be the case.

3x falling moon (torpedo bb) and 1x cruiser of choice (the one with torpedoes is best...) use kin crew + darkmatter + the torp thing that disables movement + an ability of choice...

Use reload stance and brawl even if they close against you.... note your AP torpedoes from can bring a BB to half health from 1 volley... meanwhile the focused fire of 3 falling moons will melt anything... also dont forget to use darkmatter

Id be welcome to show you DE usage on my free time...


This forum is a place for giving opinions and suggesting changes that are reasonable from various points of view, with a special consideration of balance, 40k lore and playability. There's also nothing wrong with backing up your favorite faction, as long as the suggestions you make are reasonable and wouldn't push said faction to another extreme of the spectrum.

But to take the very strongest faction at the moment, with statistics and most players' experience to back it up and suggest a major buff to them, justifying it with "it's my favorite faction and now I'm too stupid to figure out how to play them"?

This...I don't even know what to say.

Definitely see your point, I have been playing them stealth hit and run (which I think is how they are supposed to be played). They shouldn’t be able to brawl. What I would change is bring back lock on, nerf armor and increase crit chances against them. This would make them less tanky, and prioratizes tactical gameplay over the sit and fire method.

Yeah, wow. I was wondering why everyone was calling for so many nerfs. I did pretty well with the stealth strat, but I had a lot of close battles, and it felt like I was earning wins by experience. I don’t like how I can mindlessly give an attack order and spam torps to win. The challenge is nerfing them in such a way that it doesn’t ruin the ideal stealth hit and run strat.