Micro-Warp jump in Eldar factions

The ability is not lore-friendly and it's low-effort high reward 1 click of the button for Eldar player who wasn't playing well,
it can change easy victory against someone who can't play into 15 min chase around the whole map trying to find the ship and the escort it teleports to, also the ability is a bit too overpowered for eldar factions who can already easily escape most enemies.

The ability isn't lore friendly for anyone. Warp jumping short distances is not a thing. 😃

@whitehawke in the night lord trilogy a chaos ship does it
also dont remember which novel but i also think i remember a world eater ship doing it

its an insane thing to do but it is possible
its just a large scale unstable lightning strike

I think OP means that eldar don't use warp travel but the webway to move around, if my lore knowdledge is not outdated. Considering how tasty eldar souls are and that eldar ships have no gellar shields, it would make sense if they would not have the MWJ ablity.

@hallbregg Even if it's renamed to Webway Slip or whatever, the ability itself is still quite strong. It's a get out of free card on your most valuable ship on a fast faction.

True but on the other hand getting chased down and clicked on by a brain dead space marine with light cruiser spam is unwinnable without it. Only the flagship has it, and if they bother taking that its if they have a battleship as the flag ship, in which case its not actually that fast and can very easily be chased down by light cruisers and regular cruisers.
There is counterplay ofc.... just cap the points go for the other ships that dont have warp jump etc

Lorewise i really can't saz much,

but i agree with OP, especially on Eldar, which are already one of the most mobile factions it is kinda unbalanced.

My Suggestion would be something like, give it a Maxrange or let the ship doing it just jump in ist own Identification Range.

To take micro warp jump means you are missing out on the invaluable stasis bomb/maelstrom abilities which are critical for map control, especially when playing as the Corsairs. While it may be annoying and time intensive to fight a hit and run eldar, it's not as easy for them as you may think. I don't think MWJ needs to be nerfed, at least not for the Corsairs.

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it doesnt need to be nerfed
it needs to be completely removed
it breaks lore and is pure cancerous
no faction with eldar speed should have such a easy escape

Define speed coz sm, chaos and in lcs with aaf are faster than eldar so remove mwj for these factions too

because everyone takes mwj on their LC admiral

No you take mwj on your bb and use lcs to chase and ram eldars. So remove mwj for everyone instead of trying to make half factions more mobile than eldar

@ashardalon said in Micro-Warp jump in Eldar factions:

it doesnt need to be nerfed
it needs to be completely removed
it breaks lore and is pure cancerous
no faction with eldar speed should have such a easy escape

100% agree. One of the eldar's main strengths is that it's hard to catch them due to speed. Given how much effort it takes to do that against a good eldar player, having MWJ on top of that is insane.
I think it's fine on other factions, scince their battleships all have medium to slow speed aside from desolator and it's not cost effective to have MWJ if you get a lighet ship as you admiral.

You take Light Cruisers and they are faster than the Eldar ships even the imperial grand cruisers under the AFF can catch up with the Eldar besides what prevents you from taking your MWJ and jumping after it. Before asking to remove something, try to think with your head how to replay it, and then as with the Necrons, most players scream about they are not OPs as in TT, although honestly they are now far from the normal level, but this is because they have few types of ships and weapons they have no variety, only one strategy, and with the Tyranid they have a lot of settings, but they only work with landings, their settings on the guns are very weak. And there is an Imperial Navi which is doing well, and the Eldars, you can play from guns, pulsars, torpedoes, and hangars too, and it seems to me good for balance, so that the factions have different possibilities of building a fleet, despite their weaknesses and strengths


You sound like the kind of individual that thought the Tau didn't have issues in the first game, so long as you "played around it."

"You can totally catch up to the Eldar, so long as you take a specific fleet combination, they don't spread out, you time your engines and jumps correctly, they don't time their jumps correctly, there's no debris in the way, Abaddon is about to sneeze and Pluto is in the fourth quadrant. Then you've totally got them!"

why exactly do you have to kill their flagship with the MWJ? you realise you can force them to fight you by capping points, or just.. you know.. go after his other ships.. Or take MWJ yourself.
Its not worth taking MWJ on anything other than a voidstalker for eldar, and that ship is not that fast, faster than other battleships sure, but still easily caught up to by cruisers with AAF.
Plus with poor troop efficiency and the 100% extra change to recieve critical damage that corsairs have, you dont even need to catch them for long to cripple them.
I honestly dont understand whats so difficult about that lol just go after his other ships, cap the points, dont take nothing but super slow ships yourself, dont waste your abilities pointlessly.
Had a 2s match the other day where both enemies were space marines with just a battle barge each and some escorts, what did they think was gonna happen when they fought eldar? Even saying that there was absolutely nothing stopping them from MWJ themselves and crippling is with a single boarding action but i guess they hadnt unlocked it yet.

Oh no, Eldar is not a race for now which is an auto attack and a victory like a tau in the first part, just in my MWJ you are very situational, you don’t really need it without a Stalker, and then I just take this away from all these cries and take it away in return? What other abilities of Eldar are so good, and I don’t often take MWJ, only for a stalker so that there is a way out when I was caught. You can also MWJ me and I lose because I am fragile, because I have fewer ships and how much more expensive they are. You complain that if the stars converge, so we are talking about Corsairs, I can fly it at you and now when I cut the range only to 9000 which was good, I can immediately catch the crits of everything if the stars don't work out. Well, look at the 9000, they removed the updates and now it’s not the fleet but the flagship, and I have two identical updates on the flagship, and I’m not sure if they stack or not, and so I took Stalker yes and 2 upgrades to it, that is, I build a game around him, and here I am caught by 3 cruisers at close range and without MWJ I lost. Well, that was an example, I just don’t think that MWJ is the most broken thing you play right now, huh? Torpedoes can be. But I don’t understand why the developers didn’t give all torpedoes to ignore armor, because Navi is much harder to hit them than Eldars and they are worse, but again I have 3 torpedoes like Eldar, you have 6 charges with Navi for you Melta.
Anyway, as I said, the Eldar can now play from all weapons, from torpedoes and from cannons and from pulsars and from flyers. Only from boarding is not very. They are in a good place now, and I would pull up the rest of the factions to this balance, so that they have different opportunities for building up the fleet with an eye on the strengths and weaknesses. Oh and sorry for my bad English, I think the general meaning is clear

@whitehawke Elds can open the portal to the web ахахах If you use the correct terms

@davie how does troop efficiency matter at all since they are teleport immune?
or doesnt a mwj battleship now become mandatory as its the only thing that has a chance of boarding eldar
and it would have been a pretty bad eldar player to even succeed at that

that and eldar really arnt that vulnerable to boarding

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how the hell are they not vulnerable to boarding lol? they have terrible troop efficiency, except for DE ofc. They are not teleport immune, they are immune when their holo shields are full just like how every ship is immune as long as they have even a bit f shields left, if they are below 90% or if they have been stripped by a disruption bomb then you can lightning strike them and they are very... very weak to it.
And yes tbh if you are bringing a battleship of any kind then MWJ is damn good in general.
Try taking a Battlebarge, jumping it next to a voidstalker then insta hulking it lol. You dont even have to hulk them, if you take out the generators or the engines they are dead.
If your angry that you "have to take MWJ" that doesnt make sense, if eldar are your biggest issue and there is a tool there that makes it much easier to deal with them, and is great in general then ofc take it. Thats like saying you shouldnt have to take escorts or augur probe then complaining about stealth factions, the tools are available.