The barely-functional History tool prevents using EAC per dev instructions

One of the major problems with the History tool is its failure to make entire matches available. More often than not, a match will show "Live" even hours or days after it's finished. Generally, just the first few minutes are available for viewing.

One of the major problems with the game is its poor handling of toxic players of all stripes, including cheaters/exploiters. I know that the next patch will contain some measures, but meanwhile (and presumably going forward after the patch) the dev's instructions for the users is reporting cheaters/exploiters through EAC, making sure to include the Game ID and the time at which the transgression occurred.

Problem is, if the transgression occurred after the first few minutes of the match, there's no way to report the time at which it happened as the History tool doesn't make that part of the match available. This is a pretty good reason to fix at least that much of the History functionality.

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@skillet I’ve made several threads now on just how absolutely broken the history section is. In many different ways for many different uses...