Tutorial needed for new players.

As said. i have noticed some truly appalling play recently. I am very happy to see new players but perhaps a little walk through and play by play would be useful for new players. Something simple introducing them to basic tactics and game mechanics. For example, Capturing vs stalemate vs blocking vs losing. The fact that stalemate is when there are equal players on either side on the point and that blocking is that there are less players on one team than the other and must be killed to finish cap etc etc etc.

That single shot at range is better than automatic. Or that holding reload will check your ammo count.

Even if these are short videos or tutorials for currency. I think these would be very useful for newer players or players having a hard time getting to grips with the mechanics.

As a brand new player I agree. I think things like you mentioned could be easily added as rotating tips on the loading screen.

This post is deleted!

@suade They certainly could but I think actually seeing it work really solidifies the mechanics for those who dont pay much attention.

what about the tutorial that is already there?

@io543 Its only in this iteration it seems. Or at least its the only one iv seen.

@saertm Tutorial is in now. Its not awful. The reason why 'tips' dont really work is because you cant experience the mechanic. You can be told how to change gears in a car but until you do you dont really have much of an understanding.

@plppln Well, there's also all of the "Lessons" that seem to touch base on every mechanic in Sandstorm.

Yeah the shooting range is cool, but it's be nice to have a "select a class, pick a loadout, cap the point, blow the objective" level.

There's a lot of depth in those systems that a lot of people take for granted, giving people a guided way to play with them will help quite a bit.

There is a tutorial. It's been there for a long time. There's even an achievement for completing it.

Well, there is a level that goes over some stuff in the tutorial, but (a) it's not like the real game, (b) it doesn't give a lot of freedom to kit out as one wants to, and (c) I always get that fucking truck stuck in the alley going back and forth forever, while my avatar cries about it.

Halfway there though 😃

@jballou Its a new addition. My comment came before the tutorial was implemented. But was no doubt thought of and being made before I made said comment.