Ork upgrades

As of right now, there is little variety for orks, as only upgrades that are viable are combinations of Anuver Bridge, Waagh songz and Red paint. Without access to Lock-on! ork dps is very lacking and without Waagh songz your morale is a huge issue. Red paint can be taken instead of anuver bridge if you rely mainly on ramming and boarding.

Please note that I'm not asking to buff orks only. Ideally I want every upgrade for every race in the game to feel like a choice. I just happen to have more experience with orks rather than others. In general, upgrades should benefit many ships at once, or have to be absolutely insane for a single flagship to be worthwhile.

Generic upgrades:

  • More dakka should apply to all ships to even be considerable, and I have a feeling that it'd be useless even then. I'd say that it should also provide a buff to turret capabilities as if you are in "brace for impact!" at all times. Obviously should not stack with brace for impact itself.
  • Plus 4500 range on weapons apparently does not work on frontal mega kannonz and is useless anyway since it does not provide accuracy and applies only to flag ship. To be worthwhile it should apply to all line ships and most importantly provide accuracy. Then maybe it could competing with anuver bridge, as without a "Lock on!" accuracy ork DPS falls down a lot.
  • "Scavenge it fast" should give more than just HP in order to be considerable. And to be honest, in my experience, ork ships don't benefit from HP gain anyway. Usually it is a morale, or crit against engines/deck that kills an ork ship. So how about it gives a chance to repair damaged systems whenever you land a successfull boarding action? Or kill enough crew to trigger next injury step/hulk if previous one is too easy to accomplish? Orks are known to make hasty repairs using loot.
  • To be entirely fair, I haven't tried zzap build but I feel that there are not enough zzap guns on ork ships to waste a single upgrade point towards it, let alone 2. I propose unifying both zzap upgrades (may pierce shields and slows down target) into a single one, and even then it'd probably be useless. Edit: off to try out post-patch zzaps. Perhaps I was too hasty in judging them useless.
  • More thrusters should apply to all ships. Alternatively, Big red button can be used even if engines are damaged.
  • Krumping zones should allow Rock-type of ships to move in asteroid fields while being concealed. Flavor!

Sub-Faction specific:

  • Freebootas is okay, but very unflavorful. Make it a generic upgrade instead (there is a free slot if both zzap skills are merged into one). I could see them having CD on orders lowered, as these gits are more experienced at void combat. Alternatively let their torpedoes have +50% speed, as it kinda makes sense for these guys.
  • Bad moons should apply to battle cruisers and above. Alternatively Bad moons should have double the charges for weapons and launch bays (they have more teeth then sense and overabundance of ammo and equipment)
  • Blood axes are okay.
  • Deff skulls are utter trash. Let each successfull boarding replenish charges on weapons/launchers while removing 1 charge from the enemy (if he has any). Alternatively each boarding lowers CD on your abilities (boost, orders etc) by 10 seconds while giving penalty to enemy's cooldown as greedy gits syphon enemy ship fuel out, grab all the ammo they can get their hands on, etc.
  • Evil sunz are okay.
  • Goffs should GAIN morale when ramming in addtion of having -25 to morale instead of -50. Alternatively whenever an enemy ship gets hulked, all ork ships around it get a small morale boost.
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you should try zapps
they are really good and worth focussing both upgrades on
if you merge them they would both need a nerf or would probably break the game almost as badly as eldar torps

Fair enough, I'll try post-patch zapps and edit the OP for the time being. Are we back to glorious days of zzap cheese from BF1?

more or less, crit resistance is higher for everything BC and higher (0.75 and if braced 0.55 for every ship in BFG1 compared to 0.6/0.4/0.2 for BC/GC/BB in BFG2.) and you need two subsystem hits for them to stick, but you can have twice the amount of shield-ignoring zaaps in a list thanks to the cheap zaap-BC. crit-chance is the same after the general lance buff included zaaps too.

and the slow still lets flimsy ships get into kannon range