Quality of Life Feedback

Hey Tindalos,
Some feedback after about 70 hours of game time, mostly in MP.
Really enjoying your game, for the most part. To really realize the potential it has on the MP side, I'd suggest the following:

  • allow some kind of profile saving to go with your fleets - eg. portrait and admiral skills and passive upgrades. Just like fleets, they could be edited, but it would be nice to not have to select everything each match and also to not have the skills wiped blank each time I choose a different sub-faction
  • show more in-game stats. It's unusual for a MP game that I can't even see my win/loss ratio for various factions. Player stats and post game stats would be nice.
  • add replays and observer mode. People have already made this feedback and explained why. Should be self-explanatory as far as promoting both the game and player improvement.
  • improve the matchmaking. Or maybe explain how it works. If I am starting my first game as tyranids in MP, in bronze, I shouldn't be matched with people in the top 50 of the leaderboard. I don't think it matches according to your highest faction placement overall, but maybe I'm wrong. It should be based on the current level of the faction you're searching with so you have a little breathing room to learn the faction in MP.
    Thanks for reading!
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Agree with 1st point absolutely, been banging that drum since beta.