Hit Reg!!!

Just got fed up with the hit reg. in this game. Needs fix worse than in the Alpha or Beta. Just pure garbage in my opinion. Worst hit reg. i have ever played with in a game by far, and i have been PC gaming for 18 years.

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please let there be a fix for hit reg. it is getting very frustrating.

@burgrat Lol I feel your pain! All we can do is pray to Allah...

In the Beta Version i found hit box was pretty good , you could take out an enemy with a single hit to centre of mass or head shot, or if you wounded them 2-3 rounds. Now you empty half a mag into them to bring them down and the bloody bot's are now getting you with one hit and hitting you through a solid wall. The game is realy pissing a lot of people of with the way the BOTS are at the moment. Please fix it