RoughRider's Tips and tricks | First Tip: How to make realistic looking Terrain.

I feel like alot of guys maybe missed this video, so from now on, I'm going to make a new thread for each video. With this video I go through explaining how You can make more realistic terrain with the geometry tool. With some experimenting, you can make some really cool things with this method.

Youtube Video

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After some thought, I will be deleting the first video of my tip and tricks series because many have expressed their opinions that I went too far as to talk about other people's maps and be critical. I also feel like I've been doing a bad job at being a community member by making negative comments fairly often that just plain out weren't necessary. I don't believe that I'm a complete idiot for trying to make this video, but what everyone has been a consensus that I should have never done what I done by analyzing works from others. I will take the video down, and I will create another one that is more fact driven and less opinionated. I truly think I messed up, and I hope that you guys understand that. From now on I plan on pushing people into good directions as far as maps go, but I'll get rid of my attitude about the way maps should be. Sorry for letting you guys down.

My first tip video will stay up because it has no mentioning of anyone or anyone else's maps, and i think it's a good tip for a beginner.
Ya'll have a good day.