Imperial campaign "thorough spirit" achievement bugged or?

Just finished the imperial campaign and noticed theres an achievement called thorough spirit for doing all the secondary arcs, yet i did everything and didnt get it, or does it count siding with the different factions as different arcs? theres also an achievement for unlocking all upgrades which i couldnt get, i ahd all but 1 and my renown was capped leading me to believe there is perhaps a secondary arc that i somehow missed that would have rewarded a bonus upgrade.

i saved the craftworld and sided with the eldar,
i sided with osmadiel or whatever his name was, and didnt get any further missions to do with him, though he came in and "helped" in the final battle.
I destroyed the necron planet thing
I killed the tyranid ancient one.
I killed the orc leader
I got the macragges honor

I did literally everything that was presented to me all the was left was to do the final battle so have i somehow missed something?

I was wondering the same thing too

Did you do the mission to save the cardinal. After it appears you have 5 turns to complete it and reward with 1 upgrade point

yeah i did that one too

Looks like this bug has been fixed in the latest patch, I just reload the last save and redo the eldar and dark angel mission after the patch then I got the achievement.
I still need one more upgrade point, maybe one early misson was granted new upgrade point in the patch, but I don't want to start over so I got "I've Got the Right Tool" achievement in necron campaign instead.
There are still two achievements bugged me, one is "Battle of Cadia", the other is "Need a Toothpick?". Anyone have a clue?