Is DE a brawling faction now?

Ok, here is the video
Is it intended to have in the game faction which have stealth, great mobility and could just do that? And things will get worse when patch will come out, because DE BS will have nice crit chance reduction.
Ramming them is not an option for most of the fleets, because BS will always win ram battle against cruisers AND DE can take ram upgrade.
I don't think this is fair at all. Highly mobile steathy faction should not be able to just outshoot brawling fleet like that.

Yeah, both Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar feel surprisingly durable and resilient. Only Corsairs seem fragile. Feels strange.

You would think there is something wrong when people don't even need to use their faction defining mechanic to win, pretty sure he right clicked you and went to make an omellete... You would lose even if you went in close to board or ram, which is sad.

The crit reduction for battleships will make Drukhari specially cancerous(even more) to play against
At high level drukhari is the least opressive of the 3 aeldari because no holofield, but after that change I can only imagine how retarded it will be.

If it turns out to be what I think, I'll just play the 6x slaughter counter fleet, but I suspect even that won't be enough.

Its already not enough, video from live client, not beta. And it has not been a actual fight, we were testing.

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As a side note, ram damage is also being increased in the patch, so... 🤣

And they have ram upgrade on top of it.

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i dont understand what the point of that test was, i do think DE are a bit OP but that test is just bad on every level, its not playing the strengths of the faction, chaos has great range, great battleships, amazing carriers, ofc if you take a bunch of cruisers and just slug out with DE they arent gonna do amazing. Even then it was exactly a smash victory was pretty close. There was no target priority going on, no shield overlapping.

A disadvantage to DE is no shields, you could easily have put one fresh cruiser in front of the one hes firing and let them take the hit for each other since they have shields that can regenerate. You were also using macro weapons at quite a long range and didnt even have lock on stance, if youd used lock on, or had moved much closer, (something the DE would be vulnerable too since all of their firepower is frontal and they have to face you) which gives the DE a massive advantage since his weapons are far more accurate at that range than the chaos ones. You also sat still, with a full broad side fleet which makes no practical sense, a real situation would you have you splitting your fleet into 2-3 groups and circling them, making it much much harder for him to focus on one at a time since hed constantly be turning around whilst getting shot in the rear by the other groups

Also staying at 9k with slaughter when all Eldar faction have better accuracy?
You just prove that DE > Chaos when the Chaos player don t do anything. Standing still at 9k range is far from "brawling" its sitting like a duck waiting to be shot

The point is that DE isn't actually the "glass cannon high risk high reward" faction that many people claim it is. If it were, you wouldn't be able to do what was shown in the video. It's more like "tau with better dps but without void shields".

High risk means he would face a risk. The op's test doesn't show a risk since he did a poor test.

My point is - there are no risk for eldars. You don't ever need a stealth. DE can just outshoot protector fleet without ever using stealth. I know you must be playing DE and thinking this is alright, but its not.

Also this thread has been made mainly for devs and not gold league DE players, so you may be free to fuck off.

Also №2, imagine being bad with DE...

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@davie chaos has no amazing carriers and bad battleships and their long range fleet dps are 15 hull per second. 400 points of shield hold for 3,6 seconds at 9000 range against three obsidian rose BBs without reload, so thats 21 seconds extra time with perfect micro. with reload, 400 strength shields hold for 2,7sec per ship at 9000 range.

@Plushanubka to make the test better, the DE player should stay at 4.500 or less range with reload and AP ammo. the crit reduction in the next patch will make DE BB spam extremly good. I would think about ditching the lances and go with 3x720 damage torpedo damage while riding with AP ammo and kin-crewed, power-ram or splinter torpedos. it is pretty trivial to keep all of your three ships at the same side compared to the other fleet to avoid the broadside fire for long enough to have a decisive damage advantage. stasis bomb and dark matter cannon give you enough battlefield control to make it at least awkward to get into a broadside position.

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@fosil Yes I know DE could do even better, that wasn't the point tho. Torp variant is just flat out insane, and this is making me really sad.
AT 4.5k only big rok can have a chance to outshoot DE battleship (any of them lmao). And it cost like 500p and slow af.

Today we will see a patch what will buff DE even more by reducing chance to get crit, and nerf part of it (-4500 range on aim) is doesnt even matter because you really dont need to be at range or stealth to win. This is fucking dumb and Im hope the dev team will look into this soon.

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This patch is a straight up buff to eldar, in specific DE.
Replacing DE Lock On with tracking sense is awkward because they actually use Reload instead

The crit reduction apply to all ships except LC, so all their ships are harder to crit, other Eldar have the holofields on top of that which is insane.

Disruption Bomb is 15 secs channel now, they don't even need to boost out of it.

They can make all kinds of changes to stances and other shit, it won't mean anything if they don't change holofields and/or torps damage/quantity

@BrohanBroski I was talking about eldar as a whole not just DE

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torpedo/ordnance protector tau is a bad build. you want to max. railgun/ioncannons dps to get the most out of the crit increase or just switch to merchant tau for torpedo / ordnance builds.

Just play Orks! No one can beat them in a straight battle like that! And if they try ta ram ya you can just board them to hell! Them pansies won't know what hit 'em! More seriously, I'm not sure if Orks would be a hard counter to this kind of a strat, but I certainly think it would help.

@plushanubka WHAT IN TARNATION! Hmmmmmm..... very strange indeed. The Orks should have kicked the DEs' pansy asses there... and they even rammed them. Very strange indeed. Imperials? Maybe. Space Marines? Possible. Tyranids? Most likely. But Dark Eldar? That's pretty ridiculous.