1st 2 Campaigns are stuck

Imperium - after eliminating 4th of Abaddon's general the game crashes to desktop after the main map dialogues are complete. Stuck. Pretty disappointing since that is probably near the end of the campaign.

Necro - after completing the Sentinel Worlds area, there is no way to advance to the next area, no link between SW and next area. Stuck,

I will try to play the 3rd also, maybe this one will have more luck.

Update: I was able to finish the Tyranid campaign with no trouble. Hope the others get fixed too.

Update: after the patch I can confirm that the Imperium problem is fixed, but Necrons still can't exit their system towards Chinchare.

@overmind Are you sure? You should be able to transfer a fleet from a system with a Dolmen Gate to the system in the Chinchare sector which also has a Dolmen Gate.

There is no gate towards anywhere. The initial sector is practically isolated.

Hi @Overmind,

you need to complete "The awakening" in order to gain access to the next sector in the Necron Campaign (Chinchare).
As @Hjalfnar_HGV mentionned you will need to use a Dolmen Gate to transfer your fleet from Sentinel to Chinchare.

@overmind There is definitely a Dolmen Gate. I've played it myself and used it.