[Fixed] Forced Return to main menu in Imperium Campagin

After the resolution of the first battle independent of the introductory script the game throws the player back to the main menu. Trying to re-enter the campaign leads to getting thrown back into the main menu screen.

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I get forced back to the menu also during the Imperium Campaign, at a different moment though.

Personally it's on Turn 44, I just rescued the Cardinal in Phonosar system (Belis Corona sector), ranking me up to Renown level 7. Went in with an Imperial Navy fleet and a Space Marine fleet (2 base ones). Didn't lose ships during the battle. Right after selecting my Renown upgrades, I went back to the map, and I was forced back to the main menu.
Tried using previous saves, even the one I started playing today with, and it still brings me back to the menu.

Have you tried going in battle mode? Does it do the same?
I had that problem, couldn't go in battle mode, compaign, load game.
Go on steam, right click BGA 2, properties -> local files -> Verify integrity of games files. That fixed it for me (if I remember correctly, they put it on the fixed issues or known issues, and it was due to the anti cheat).

@warpspider Repaired files and it seems to have worked. Thanks for the tip! 😃