Consistent crashing in character customization menus

Game either crashes immediately upon navigating character customization menus, or after using the GUI

issue has persisted after game reinstall, OS reinstall and driver reinstalls beginning in the game's beta and has not been acknowledged

-system info (cpu-z) 0_1549238569375_DESKTOP-B5MN0IF.txt
-crashlogs 3_1549238068090_UE4Minidump.dmp 2_1549238068090_Insurgency.log 1_1549238068090_CrashReportClient.ini 0_1549238068090_CrashContext.runtime-xml


This message pops when a GPU driver crashes or freezes which can happen due to number of reasons:

  • unstable hardware (overclock, PSU, etc.)
  • unstable/corrupted driver/system
  • 3rd party applications interfering with the game (anti-malware, overlays, etc.)
  • incompatible settings between your hardware and the game

For the last you may completely reset game settings by removing contents of following directory (make a backup of it also):


Just wiped my overclocks, reinstalled OS, and deleted said saved file and seemingly no issues anymore. thanks for the help