Co-op Campaign Bugs

So we have been playing around in the beta branch so far this weekend with our continued Co-op campaign and there are a few new issues as well as some issues that were not resolved that I thought were listed as resolved in the patch notes. They are as follows:

  1. After two consecutive battles, game will load infinitely trying to get back to the sector/system map.
    This bug is ongoing and is exactly as before the beta branch patch.

  2. After one battle, co-op partner will not be listed although they are still in the game.
    This bug is new, previously I never saw anything different before a battle versus after a battle in the UI for co-op

  3. After one battle, host player cannot see the UI for selected fleets.
    This one is also new, previously nothing changed after battle, now I cannot see the fleet UI in order to build ships or
    inspect current ships.

  4. Co-op partner cannot see reinforcement ships on the battle map.
    This one has changed, previously they could not see reinforcement ships on the battle map or in the UI list of all ships on the right side, now they can see ships in the UI, but they are no where to be seen on the actual battle screen.

  5. Ships that are destroyed do not reliably show as destroyed in the post battle summary screen.
    This seems to be new and is only a slight annoyance, nothing major.

Are other players seeing these same issues? These are our experiences after playing for a few hours. We will continue later today and see if anything else has changed.

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Hey @rendashalystar
Sorry about these issues, and thanks for reporting them to us.
Some are known, and the team is currently working hard to resolve them. I will pass on the new ones to the team.

Regarding nr 1 - this bug is blocking our progress. It sometimes goes through for us, but more often than not, it goes on to load till the end of time. Guest disconnecting doesn't help this at all, he cannot reconnect to save or do similar things. We cannot really play the game on coop with only around 30% chance the battle won't count at all.
Regarding nr 3 - host was unable to select the fleet in our playthrough and see the UI, and guest wasn't able to add stuff to other fleets - the UI pops up, I add a ship, it just doesn't do anything.

You nailed it.

These are the same exact bugs I am experiencing in co-op with my friend, which are not present when playing single player campaign.

Something I hadn't said but all of these bugs can be bypassed by saving, closing the game, and reloading and re-inviting. The only time that you need to do anything strange is when two invasions are going to happen at end turn. We generally opt to cede the system then take it back the next turn when this happens.

I was about to make a post of my own, but these are the exact same issues me and a buddy have been having. In short it's still unplayable.

Hey Brotherdave,

As I was saying before, it is playable, it just requires you to restart the game between every fight. It's an annoyance but we are still really enjoying the game regardless.

We get a repeating bug where no matter who hosts, the joiner gets kicked and the host will freeze at the end of a battle. It's usually a frantic race to save the game before the battle report comes up! Otherwise we have to redo the battle